As great as our higher profile testimonials may be, we feel that we needed to go one better and draw upon what is essentially the bread and butter of our business – real results for real people.

Working with industry professionals and people who make their living out of the way that they look / perform isn’t always the most applicable experience for what our everyday clients need. Ultimate Performance is the busiest serious personal training team in Europe, and our expertise and credentials have been built on helping people with stressful jobs and busy lives achieve their own optimal health, fitness, and body composition goals.

Our job is to create the ideal programmes and protocols that fit around our clients’ lifestyles and commitment levels, not vice versa.

In this section we have some fantastic physical transformation photos and testimonials from clients whose lives, health and confidence have changed beyond measure thanks to our coaching and their own dedication and hard work. You will notice there are a few more male photos than female, rest assured we work hard on perfecting the female form too it is just our female clients are a little shyer about showing off in comparison to the men!
Have a good look at how we have helped real people to achieve and don’t be afraid to contact us if you think you have got it in you to take similar life changing action!