Businesses are defined by their culture.

Nothing else is as important. It’s not about what your business actually does. In some respects it doesn’t matter if you’re selling widgets or helping people change their lives via personal training.

Our culture is what has always set UP apart from every other business within the personal training industry. It is the secret to our success and the reason why we are known across the globe as the world’s leading Personal Trainers.

Ultimate Performance offers a different paradigm for our clients, and one of the reasons we can do this is because we are so committed to the success and ongoing development of our Personal Trainers. A cursory glance through this website will tell you our position in the industry at large, and it should also tell you how seriously we take the Science and the Art of personal training, and how focused we are on ensuring our team is always at the forefront of education and learning.

We don’t just grow muscles, we also grow brains and nurture careers!

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We are constantly on the lookout to recruit talented individuals and actively encourage anyone with a strong industry background to contact us directly to discuss how we may work together. Be warned, our professional standards are exacting and high, but so are the rewards! We love people who are on top of their game, and will move heaven and earth to give those who work with us access to the very best personal training environment and support possible.

We are rapidly expanding internationally as well as within the United Kingdom, so those people who are interested in international experience and exposure are also welcome to get in touch. We don’t believe in letting the grass grow under our feet!


We are always very interested in recruiting those Personal Trainers who would be looking to work in a highly professional strength and conditioning facility (NOT a tiny studio, NOT a corporate gym where they don’t want your clients to sweat on the furniture (sorry, machines)!). Our gyms are private facilities owned by Ultimate Performance, and Men’s Health have called our London City gym “the best personal training facility in London”, whilst Charles Poliquin has said that UP London Mayfair “is the only place to come in Europe if you want real results”!


This a role that would suit a Personal Trainer with several years PT experience and a track record in helping clients to achieve physical transformations.

Education is less important than real world results, and you must look the part as well as be able to produce consistent body composition results for your clients. However, positive weight will be given to those with Poliquin qualifications, BioSignature Modulation certification, and UP Education courses / certifications.

You must be confident in your abilities as you will need to be able to stand next to some of the best Personal Trainers in the industry and seem credible and comparable.


You must be a qualified Personal Trainer, and you could have between 0-5 years PT experience. This is a one-year contract that will include an involvement in all aspects of the Ultimate Performance business, including personal training, boot camps, and UP Education. It is a role for a character who wants to get stuck into their work and is not frightened of long hours and having their performance scrutinised.

The role can best be defined as “learning whilst doing”, and the goal of UP is to educate and mould a first class Personal Trainer who can step up into a full Personal Trainer role once the one year contract has been completed.


Our Head Office team works behind the scenes to support the UP business with HR, Finance, Commercial, Digital and Customer Services functions.

Located in Manchester, we are a close-knit team that likes to work hard and play hard.

These roles don’t come up very often, so just like our Personal Trainers, we look for the “cream of the crop” who are experts in their field.


All our current vacancies can be found online at
For general recruitment enquiries contact [email protected]

*Please note, these articles on BioSignature Modulation are maintained for historical interest and no longer reflect our current practices. We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.