Radio personality Scott Mills is in the best shape of his life after making an incredible 21kg body transformation at Ultimate Performance Mayfair.


BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott had struggled with his weight for most of his life, but was ready to push himself hard to finally get the body he had always wanted.

It was seeing a photo of himself on a beach in New Zealand over Christmas which compelled him to make a change and start his body transformation with U.P.

Scott’s goal was to lose the weight, learn about training and nutrition, and feel back on top of his game and build a body he was happy and confident with.

After 25 weeks, Scott has smashed his goals and is looking and feeling the best he has for years.

“I have lost 3 stone, I am now a 30-inch waist size and for the first time in my life, I’ve actually got a bit of muscle, which I never thought would happen to me.

“We’ve just done the photos now and I saw my arms — it’s like it’s a different person.”





For Scott, the journey at U.P. has been about so much more than simply losing weight — he has gained body confidence and become more outgoing, he has overcome issues with anxiety and stress, and is performing his best at work and producing some of the best radio shows of his career.

“Physically, I feel stronger, and fitter, and obviously leaner. Mentally, I feel, much happier. I don’t feel as stressed.

“From Day 1 of this transformation until now, I would say that I feel happier, I feel more confident, and I think it’s affected my work as well.

“I think I’m doing the best radio shows that I’ve ever done and that can’t be a coincidence.”



Scott’s impressive transformation marked a big lifestyle change. Training and nutrition now form a seamless part of his daily life in order to maintain his new body.





But for years Scott had struggled with his weight.

“I’ve always been quite big. I was a fairly chubby teenager then into my early twenties.

“Then I started running and lost quite a lot of weight. Then it just gradually piled on until I joined U.P.


“I’m so pleased with the results that I’ve got, because I’d kind of almost given up and thought ‘well that’s not going to be possible,’ but it is.”


It’s often one watershed moment that marks a turning point setting people on a path to transforming their health for good, and it was the same for Scott.

“I had just been to New Zealand in the New Year and I saw some pictures of me on the beach and I was kind of horrified by them.

“I thought because I was doing regular exercise and gymming maybe two or three times a week, I thought that would be enough.

“But then when I saw these pictures, I thought ‘that’s not enough’. I needed something much more drastic and intense and I like to set myself challenges and take myself out of my comfort zone, and that’s definitely what I did. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.”



Scott Mills before he started his weight loss journey with Ultimate Performance.


Scott was relatively new to lifting weights. He had always done cardio training in the past.

But his training had become less and less effective, he wasn’t seeing results and his weight was creeping up.

Coming to Ultimate Performance felt daunting for Scott at first, but seeing the benefits of weight training within a matter of weeks gave him the motivation to stick with it and see it through.


“I thought the exercise I was doing was enough. Now that I’ve done this, I realise that it really wasn’t.


“You start to notice the results at U.P. quite quickly because once you’re doing the EatUP meals, which I did, and training four times a week, your weight does start to drop drastically.

“Maybe three or four weeks in, people start to go ‘hey! You look different!’ But they don’t quite know why. Then further down the line they are like ‘Wow!

“It’s been a huge, huge lifestyle change for me, for the better.”



Scott Mills sculpted his best-ever body with Ultimate Performance in 25 weeks.



The physical changes Scott has achieved are plain to see – he lost 21kg, shed more than half his body fat and is now the leanest he’s been for decades.

But the mental changes have been equally important and profound for Scott.

Training has helped him build a stronger more focused and determined mindset.


“I used to suffer from anxiety and stress, but there has been a big mental change.


“Coming here, sometimes you feel a bit weak or you can’t be bothered when maybe you’ve been doing an early morning shift, but I walk out of here fired up and ready to go.

“Now I feel happier. I feel less full up in my head. I’m one of those people where stuff can really get on top of me.

“But now I feel that I’ve been able to take on a lot more at work, and in my personal life.”




Scott had really started seeing the benefits of his weight training program in his daily life.

“I feel like I’ve become more outgoing. I feel like I’ve been much more productive in my work.

“Even my bosses at Radio 1 have noticed a change in my performance on air, and I do think it’s because of this.”



Scott transformation has given him a new-found body confidence which he has never had before.

He says he feels great, he can wear the clothes he wants and his Radio 1 colleagues can’t stop asking him how he achieved his new physique.

“I’ve never really been a body confident person. I’d always hide it away. I used to wear a lot of black t-shirts and all black. My wardrobe now is an array of colours.


“Trying on a 30-inch jeans for the first time was incredible. That’s not happened to me since I was about 19.


“I never thought that would happen. I’m now a medium, approaching a small in terms of tops. My waist size has gone right down, my legs look better.

“It’s completely changed how I feel about myself, and it’s just made me a lot more confident day to day.”





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