Bulletproof star Noel Clarke’s incredible U.P. body transformation has left him feeling quite literally ‘invincible’!

The 44-year-old BAFTA winner spent 21 weeks training at Ultimate Performance Kensington, and is ready to flaunt what’s underneath the bulletproof vest – some seriously defined arms and abs!

“I didn’t believe I could get into the shape that U.P. got me into.”

“I’ve got my body fat down from 26% to 12%, and I feel like I’m 23 again. I look like I’m 23 again!”

In just a little over 5 months, the leading man of TV and film has turned back the clock on both the inside and the outside, shedding 14kg while sculpting a physique that mirrors his onscreen hero persona in the process.


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | In the gym


Before joining U.P., Noel used to wear t-shirts with logos on to disguise the weight he’d put on. In hindsight, he admits he was trying to hide the fact that he’d grown uncomfortable with his own body.

Though he never thought of himself as ‘out of shape’, deep down Noel knew that he wasn’t in the best shape he could be – and signing up to U.P. was exactly the reality check that he needed.

“I remember the first day when my trainer, Rob, said to me, ‘I believe you could get in this shape, and you could lose this amount of fat.’ And I was like, ‘Mate, good luck, because I just don’t see that happening… But hey, you’re welcome to try. Knock yourself out!’

“And then here we are, 21 weeks later and actually he was right.”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | Front


There’s no doubt that the lighter weight and fitter physique look fantastic on TV, but the biggest improvements that Noel’s achieved at U.P. are ones that viewers don’t often see on screen.

“I think the most life-changing things in my transformation with U.P. have just been that the overall mindset.

“I’ve gone from believing I was in shape to realising I wasn’t in shape to getting in shape. But also, the mindset and the education that they give you in terms of changing your lifestyle, how you eat, and the amount of walking you do, has just been phenomenal.

“It’s actually given me more time with my family, because we walk a lot in the park, and we didn’t used to do that as much, so it’s been good in many ways.”

Since he began personal training at U.P., Noel and his loved ones have all been reaping the benefits of his transformation.

“I think the whole training at U.P. has really helped the whole family dynamic.”

“The benefits that I wasn’t really expecting – and good side effects of the eating, and the training, and the walking – is being able to spend more time with my family.

“I spend a lot of time with my family anyway, but getting outside with my kids and walking a lot more, having walks in the park, which the wife likes. You know, it keeps her happy, so that’s all good!”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | In the gym


For someone with such a demanding work schedule, being able to spend more quality time with his family has most definitely been a welcome change for Noel.

“I’ve had the craziest schedule in the time that we’ve been doing this. But I think for me, as the kind of person I am and the kind of person I’ve always been, it’s like there’s just no excuses, so if it’s meant that we’ve trained at like 4:45 or 5 a.m., that’s what we’ve done.

“If it’s meant we’ve trained on Sundays, that’s what we’ve done.

“If it’s meant that I’ve had to have an exercise bike at work, that’s what I’ve done.

“Basically, there are no excuses. You know, you can do this. With everything that I’ve got going on, and I’m sure some people are just as busy as I am. Some people may be less so, some people more so, but the way U.P. do it, it’s achievable for anyone.”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | In the gym


Having experienced first-hand the impacts that U.P. could have on one’s physique and family life, Noel has become quite the advocate for U.P. himself, encouraging anyone who’s considering signing up to U.P. to go for it – including his own wife!

“Anyone who’s thinking about doing it should definitely sign up.”

“It’s not just a physical change. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s a mindset change. It’s an education. It’s something that will benefit you – not just now, but for years in the future.

“It’s really about more than the way you look, it’s about the way you feel, and it’s about your health, so it’s definitely something that I recommend.”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | Side


However, the journey to achieving these results was anything but smooth sailing. Noel had to overcome many obstructions in both his personal and professional life to get to this point.

“I think the biggest challenges I’ve had while training at U.P. is the fact that I work two jobs: I was working at my production company where we set up TV shows and movies. I was also filming and playing the lead in a Sky TV show called Bulletproof, which I created and star in, and so that’s a full-time job in itself.

“On top of that, I have three children and a wife, so there was a lot of family things I had to do.

“There were bereavements and all sorts of things going on. So essentially, the biggest challenge was trying to maintain the training and trying to maintain the eating plan while all these things were going on.”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | In the gym


Despite the obstacles, Noel was able to reach his fitness goals thanks to the lessons he’s learned at U.P.

“What’s good about U.P. is the fact that the amount of training you do and the amount of eating you do is not so intrusive that you just can’t get it done.

“There’s no real excuses. I was still able to do all of those things – work two jobs, raise my kids, be with my wife, and still have time to train, because actually, once U.P. teach you about the transformation, you’re not spending your whole life in the gym. You come in, do your training, and you can get on with what you do.

“So that for me was a challenge, but at the same time, I think the way U.P. do the training, it helped me immensely.”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | Back


In addition to the knowledge he’s acquired, Noel also attributes a large part of his success to the determination that U.P. has instilled in him since he embarked on his fitness journey.

“The magic ingredient for the transformation has been determination, because there are many hurdles: there’s physical pain when you’re training, there’s the mental of getting up in the mornings, there is getting your head around doing more walking than you usually do. There’s an abundance of things.

“So for me, I think that that drive and determination is something that will push you through. And if it’s something you don’t naturally have, you can learn it by coming to U.P., because actually when you get into that mindset and when you see the results, I think results breed the mentality of ‘Oh, actually, that’s working. I want to work hard. I want to push harder.’

“And so for me, that’s really been the formula – just that drive and determination. Because as I said, there’s no excuses, man. If you need to get up at 5 a.m., get up at 5 a.m!”


Noel Clarke | Body Transformation | In the gym


Throughout his programme, Noel has undergone an impressive body transformation that took him from feeling ‘a little bit boobie’ to feeling like the leading man he’s meant to be all along.

“Oh man! I’ll be honest. Looking back at the photos of myself, it gives me nightmares, because I’m onscreen and I’m playing leading roles, and I didn’t realise I was that out-of-shape.

“When I look back at those photos now, I think, ‘Ah, I’m disgraceful.’ Like it’s a damn shame I allowed myself to get in that shape, and I think that U.P. has helped me to realise that.”

Now that Noel has a fit, new exterior that matches perfectly with the way he’s always felt inside, he’s fully equipped to bring any onscreen hero to life.

“Hopefully now, my goal will be to continue playing those leading roles but maintain the way I look for as long as I can.”

Now that Noel’s accomplished all his fitness goals, the only way really is up!
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