David Round, a long term client at Ultimate Performance Singapore has blown us away with the complete lifestyle change he has made with his personal training programme. David has been training with UP for a year and has achieved a colossal drop in body fat percentage from 40.3% to a staggering 13.8% – a remarkable success for all involved.

Over the last year, David has completely revamped his lifestyle and has accomplished things he never thought would be possible by competing in a Spartan Race and Half Marathon. We take great pride in the job as personal trainer’s, being able to touch the lives of the clients and those around them; so much so, David’s mum contacted his trainer, Fariz to say “thank you” – she could hardly believe his new look. How does David feel about all of this? We’ll let him tell you himself.

Ultimate Performance - David Round New Lifestyle

What Was The Obstacle That Would Have Prevented You From Starting The Process?

I am not sure really, I guess probably just not realizing I needed the help. I had tried to lose weight myself a few times and hadn’t really gotten anywhere because I did not know what I was doing. I just didn’t think I really needed a trainer. But in the end I thought I would try it and then wished I had done it much sooner! I just thought we all know “Eat Less, Do More” but I tried that and it didn’t work because I had no real plan.

Once I met my trainer, Fariz, he gave me a real plan to follow and showed me how to perform exercise routines with the correct form, calculate my meals and macro nutrients – I realized there was a lot more to know than just “try to go jogging and eat more salad”.

What Did You Find As A Result Of Training With UP?

The change was immediate. I started losing weight right away, which really motivates you to carry on. The gym sessions were tough to start with and Fariz would really push me. I was going home feeling my muscles burn, because I was pushed harder than I ever would have done by myself. But it gradually got easier and in the end I enjoy it.

Now I have entirely changed my whole outlook on food, exercise and life. I now exercise basically every day whether at UP or on my own. I have joined a running group and did my first half marathon recently. I did a Spartan Race, have taken up paddle boarding, all sorts of things that I would never have done before.

“If I had tried to do the Spartan Race 1 year ago, I doubt I would have got a quarter of the way round and now I not only completed it, but with a very good time too!”

Ultimate Performance - Results Ultimate Performance - David Round

What Specific Benefit Did You Like Most About Your Journey with UP?

The main benefit, at least at the start is just having booked and paid your sessions and knowing you have someone there waiting for you; it motivates you to go. I have not missed a session since I started, I mean I have been away on business and things, so had to reschedule in advance. But I have never just missed a session because I was tired or busy or got a hang-over or whatever.

If you said to yourself “I am going to go to the gym 3 times a week and really push myself” of course that is possible to do by yourself. But will you really do it? It is all too easy to just say “Oh I will go tomorrow”. Now I prioritize it above almost everything. Seriously nobody is that busy that you can’t go if you really want to, it’s 3 hours a week.

When I’m busy I just get up earlier or whatever to make enough time to be able to go. That to me, was the best part because it just made me go. Now you could say any gym or any trainer would give you that, but they wouldn’t. You force yourself to come and stick to your diet because at UP they actually care about your results.

When I see my trainer is really pleased when I do well and genuinely disappointed when I slip up on the diet (we all will occasionally).

“When you know you have a weigh in the next day and both you and your trainer really want to see results, it stops you cheating on your diet!”

What Do You Feel You’ve Achieved?

“I am fitter now than I think I have ever been in my life.”

I was pretty fit as a teenager and not that overweight until my 30s really. But now, I genuinely think that I would beat me, at any age, in basically any physical challenge, which is pretty good for a 40 year old who used to be 40% body fat.

Ultimate Performance - Lose Body Fat

Aside from that I think I have gained a lot of knowledge about diet and exercise that will last me a lifetime. I feel I know what to do and how to do it now, if I ever let my belly creep up on me again (I hope not to do that of course).

I got a lot of questions from friends and colleagues asking for advice after they saw my results! Finally I have made a lot of new friends from this experience and broadened my social circle with all of my new activities; it really is a completely different existence and a much better one too!

Would You Recommend UP? If So, Why?

Absolutely yes -in fact I do all the time!

I understand that it’s quite a lot of money, but that’s because UP are the best. The cost is going to put some people off for sure, but if you can afford it, then definitely you should do it. What is more important than your health in the end? I know for sure it works and it will work for anyone.

“Everyone I see regularly at UP I see progress in them, week by week they look leaner and fitter every time I see them.”

Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Add?

I would just like to thank the whole team at UP and especially Fariz for all their help and for being a great bunch of guys and girls who want to see me succeed. I really enjoy coming to UP and can hardly believe the change in my physique and health. I just wish I had joined years ago!

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