Angela felt her confidence couldn’t sink any lower.

Weighing 100kg, she felt unhealthy, unfit and her self-esteem was at rock bottom.

She hated going out because it meant getting dressed up, so she spent her days shuttling between her office desk and the couch.

Angela knew that she needed to tackle her physical health first to change the way she was feeling.

She wanted to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy manner, so she signed up to a body transformation programme at Ultimate Performance London City.

“I have lost 35kg in my first 6 months and gained so much confidence in myself.

“This transformation has changed me massively, mentally more than physically. I feel so much more confident and happier, and I feel like there is nothing that I can’t achieve.”


Angela | Body Transformation | Front


Angela was physically and mentally exhausted from feeling bad about herself. She essentially spent all her free time at home – watching TV and eating. She barely moved, so she found her weight kept increasing, and she felt sluggish.

“I was feeling extremely demotivated as I was starting a diet every Monday, and I would fail and go back to my old habits by Wednesday.

“My self-esteem was as low as it could be. I was avoiding at all costs having to go out and get dressed as nothing would fit me except my size 18 work trousers.”


Angela | Body Transformation | Side


Angela also felt held back by her medical condition, which made some types of exercises extremely difficult. She suffers from POTS and Vasovagal Syncope – blood pressure illnesses, which result in severely low blood pressure.

“Before U.P., I used to find training very challenging, especially exercises that involve going up and down, as they always made me collapse and faint.

“At U.P., my P.T. just avoids exercises that trigger me on the days I am feeling a bit dizzy. I tried P.T.s before, but my previous trainers would often ignore my symptoms as if they were excuses for not pushing hard enough, and that often resulted in me fainting in the gym and having to stop training for days to recover.

“I used to take medications, and some of them can be dangerous as they spike your blood pressure. But ever since I started this training programme I don’t need these medicines anymore – so that’s been a major win for me.”


Angela showing off her results with her U.P. trainer


Angela instantly took to U.P.’s programme and this new way of eating! She loved the structure, and the built-in motivation and accountability helped her stay on track. Naturally, the quick results helped her stick it out too.

“Having to log all the details in the tracker daily was a big deterrent from screwing up. The email check-ins with my trainers have also been of great help. But the thing that helped me the most was the fact that I was being held accountable by my P.T., and I felt very supported.

“The main thing I learned was to be balanced with my food rather than being ‘afraid’ of certain foods. Nut butter was something that in my ‘previous life’ I would have classed as a bad food to avoid at all cost if I was on a diet, while now I’m happy to have a couple of spoons every day. It’s all about balance.”


Angela | Body Transformation | Back


Life for Angela has completely changed – the ‘old’ Angela feels like a distant memory.

“My lifestyle has completely changed, I’m a lot more active and have so much more energy. Even when I’m not training, like when I’m on holiday, I want to walk and explore rather than just sit on the beach.

“I definitely gained a lot in terms of self-esteem. Now I am in a completely different space. I really like shopping and going out and enjoy the company of friends.”

“I am just so much happier with myself in terms of how I look, but the mental change has been by far the biggest thing for me.”

“I would definitely recommend U.P. – it’s been life-changing for me and is by far the best money I have ever spent.”

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