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""Priceless - 8 weeks for this!""

“My online coach was a great support through the 8 weeks and I would recommend the online PT to anyone no matter what your experience level. Having the outside perspective on your training and nutrition was priceless to me. This was actually the most calories I have ever cut on so was a massive learning curve for me. It hard work but as always completely worth it.”  Tony.


A comment on this transformation from Nick Mitchell: 

Here’s what 8 weeks of online personal training with UP can do!

If I’m going to be very honest with you, online personal training can be a thankless task – if getting results whilst doing one to one personal training is challenging then online personal training presents about a hundred fold more problems. It takes a special breed of coach to have the patience, the knowledge, and the people skills to consistently get the very best out of his online clients. I take my hat off to the brilliance of UP Personal Trainer Luke McGurk who repeatedly coaches his clients to achieve results like this.

There is a reason why I don’t do online personal training myself – done correctly it would take up a decent chunk of my time and I’d have to charge so much money that I don’t think anyone would get value from me. And I don’t have the temperament for it. Our online trainers are bombarded with 1000s of questions, some of which are smart, many of which border on the seemingly ridiculous, but all of which are relevant as they will be bugging the client who no doubt has spent what seems like an eternity suffering from internet information overload and has come to us to help cut through all the bullshit. Our online personal training services are certainly not the cheapest out there, but pay peanuts and you get monkeys – a generic program with minimal client – trainer interaction can work well in the right circumstances, but not if you feel that you need that extra level of advice to hit a very specific goal.

Our online personal training clients come in all shapes and sizes. Some require a huge amount of early care and attention, whereas others get on with their programs and already have a decent level of knowledge. The skills and the value come in once we have already got the ball rolling if, and this is a massive “if” as so much of the success of this process rests in the client’s hands (much more so than with one to one PT), you as a client can give your coach proper feedback. We need to know how you have been eating (ideally see a food diary!), what your energy is like, your sleep, and of course accurate and updated workout logs. Feedback is paramount in all aspects of successful personal training (as trainers we need to know how our client feels and performs at all times, not just in the gym, but in the gym we need to track every permutation possible and observe every nuance) and without this the good online personal trainer cannot do what you are paying him your good money to do – tweak, adapt, and modulate your programs to ensure that you get as smooth and consistent line of progress as possible.

Online personal training the UP way isn’t for everybody. You don’t have to be an aspiring bodybuilder, in fact you can be in the worst possible shape you could ever contemplate! However, you do have to be mentally ready. We can’t do it for you, and because we are not physically in your presence very often (or ever) a lot of the buttons that we can push to trigger the right reaction are not accessible to us. If you think you’re ready why not check out what we can do for you:


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