Ultimate Performance offers the highest level of personal training available. Each one of our trainers is distinguished by their ability to put into practice everything that they teach – talking the talk is only hot air if you can’t also walk the walk. We require that every trainer has a minimum of 5,000 hours of hands on, practical experience and holds at least one certification from a leading training organisation such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (of America) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA). In addition to this a number of our staff are current or former professional sportspeople / coaches of world class athletes who know every inside trick for extracting the very best performance from their clients.

Our commitment to the science of strength, conditioning, and athletic training and our insistence on assembling a team that covers all exercise and nutritional paradigms means that all our clients’ needs are met with unparalleled excellence. You may have seen us on TV, or read about us in our regular features in magazines such as Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness, but the true benchmark of our success and credibility as personal trainers is in the transformations and results we achieve for our clients.

Our team of personal trainers are available at our two world class private facilities (UP City and UP Mayfair) in the City of London and the heart of Mayfair in Central London.  Both gyms are award winning establishments that have been hailed as the best in class and have hosted Olympic athletes, fitness models, and a bewildering array of weekend warriors and regular, professional people seeking that something “special” that is absent from both bog box commercial gyms, and small, ill-equipped and sterile personal training studios.

Nick Mitchell

“the UK's number 1 body composition expert”

Men's Fitness January 2012

“Founder of Europe’s Best Personal Training Company”

Charles Poliquin, November 2011

“London’s Best Personal Trainer”

Time Out London 2010

UP Mayfair Trainers