We recognise that each of our clients is a unique individual, with very specific needs and goals, and because of this we make the extra effort of adapting each and every programme in a bespoke, highly personalised fashion. You will find no “one size fits all” approach here, and careful and precise attention is paid to every nuance of a holistic, all encompassing plan that can include everything from exercise and nutrition, to prehabilitation (the friendlier cousin of rehabilitation – treatment that prevents rehab!), advanced massage and flexibility systems such as Active Release Techniques and PNF stretching, through to the core stability training and mental relaxation protocols in pilates and yoga.  Because we are the biggest specialist personal training team in London even the personal trainer we select for you is chosen based on the right skill set and personality match (to get the best out of you), not by who may be available at the time.

We have a tried and tested model for assessing all of our clients’ requirements, and we spend an unprecedented amount of time in learning what are the key drivers to motivate and enrich each person as they continue to improve their fitness and overall well being. This way we are best placed to give the right advice, at the right time, and in the right manner no matter what your goal.
We offer the following personal training services: