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""A Partner In Achieving My Goal""

I would like to express my thanks to you and your team because you have helped me to embody personal training success and finally believe that some people in the fitness industry are intelligent enough, resourceful enough, and care enough to help all types of clients achieve outstanding results.

I came to Ultimate Performance in 2011 and I can now admit to you and to myself that I was in terrible shape both mentally and physically. I had spent the preceding 12 years building up and then exiting a successful Information Technology start-up in London and I was exhausted, depressed and in the worst shape of my life. As I approached the ‘mid-life crisis’ age of 40, I came to the painful realisation that I was never going to achieve the perfect physique I had always wanted and dreamed of even as a teenage boy.   What really galled me was that my failure in achieving my physical goals was not for want of trying. I am a hard worker and have always approached every task in life with discipline, commitment and energy.  The sobering reality is that I had already spent a small fortune on numerous personal trainers (I am slightly embarrassed to admit that it was 6 in total), training at some of the ‘best’ gyms in London (including some of the most well known allegedly “results drive” gyms and personal training studios).

Whilst I had achieved some results with each personal trainer, I could never seem to ‘crack the code’ to achieve that elusive ‘6-pack’ to the level of perfection I saw on the cover of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines (I now realise it is less elusive with UP, if not other personal training businesses, than I thought because Nick Mitchell has put several of your own UP personal training client transformations on the cover of both magazines!).   I was failing to get the results that I wanted with these lesser personal trainers even though I was still hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, running around Hyde Park for 1.5 hours twice a week, and doing 3 or 4 Olympic triathlons over the summer!

I blamed myself for this failure.  However, looking back, I realise now that I never really received the right level of attention and targeted, “tailored for me” advice that is really need to achieve my goals. What I needed was a fully integrated lifestyle transformation, and this is what I found at Ultimate Performance.

I am the first to admit that I was by no means an ideal or easy client. I would question everything that was put to me, but my Personal Trainer, Luke McGurk, always had the answer, was ever patient, and explained complex, sometimes totally new to me, concepts in a way that I could understand and apply to my busy life in a real world setting.  I am not perfect, and after a few weeks of training I would easily slip back into my old bad habits. But Luke was always there for me with coaching and guidance never once showing any frustration, and he methodically spent the necessary time to unwind years and years of bad habits and bad advice resulting in poor diet, useless cardio training and too much drinking. Luke always emphasised the importance of consistency. He never applied a ‘template’ approach to resolve my problems; every issue was dealt with specifically, and in reference to the overall goal we had set out to achieve.

After gaining my trust, Luke truly became a partner in achieving my goal. This for me is a paradigm of what a personal trainer should embody.  He instilled in me the right amount of useful knowledge and helped me to apply it my life outside the gym as well as in. I started to believe in myself and I entered a new phase of personal training where results in the gym changed the bad habits and behaviour in my life outside.

I have discovered that achieving a Men’s Health cover body does not just happen in the gym, it happens in every other aspect of my life. Now that I have turned 40, I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life. I can’t thank Luke enough.

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