Sally Moss has a passion, and she wants to tell you all about it!

Correct strength training and an intelligent diet can give anyone control back over their appearance and their health, and ladies can be serious lifters without looking like they should compete for the old Eastern Bloc in the Olympic shot put event!


We want our personal trainers at UP to have passion for what they do, in fact it is absolutely essential to the success of any trainer, especially in the results fuelled environment of UP, and Sally walks the talk in a way that sets her apart from the herd.  She came at personal training in a circuitous route, always being physically active but not making the leap into professional personal training until her mid 30s, which makes her a late bloomer compared to the industry average.  In Sally’s case this is a very positive thing as it means she is deadly serious about her business, and it has allowed a more mature and well rounded perspective on what a client needs from the global personal training experience.

A Cambridge University graduate, she spent much of her early career in Whitehall working as a public policy advisor before deciding, in a not too dissimilar way from Nick Mitchell himself, to follow her heart and leave the rat race to pursue something she loved.  Since that date she has medalled in the WDFPF (World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation) World Powerlifting Chamionships and is now working on improving her skills as both an Olympic lifter and body composition specialist.  When you get to learn a little more about Sally’s background there is the tendency to assume she is on a mission to educate women on the benefits of lifting weights, and this is partly correct!  With her popular “gubernatrix” blog on strength training for women, and her highly successful teaching courses “Ladies Who Lift”, she has carved out a niche as one of the UK’s leading exponents of the benefits of a well-rounded female exercise regime that isn’t just limited to spin bikes and treadmills!  But she is far too multi-faceted to be pigeon holed so readily, and is know within UP as a highly adaptable personal trainer capable of inspiring great results with both female and male clients alike.

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