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Much more than just a highly accomplished Personal Trainer, Phil Learney is also an elite Strength Coach of world class athletes and respected teacher who lectures fitness industry professionals extensively on all matters related to the improvement of physical performance. Phil has crystallised upon this stellar reputation by spearheading, together with Nick Mitchell, the educational spin-off of Ultimate Performance, “Ultimate Performance Education”, a fully modular system of certified education aimed at those personal trainers who want serious and credible knowledge they can use for immediate results with their clients.

You can read a few testimonials from Phil’s athletic clients at the foot of this page, but you may also recognise him from his role as a sponsored athlete for one of the UK’s leading supplement companies, as well as from his extensive media portfolio having regularly featured in magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness.  He was recognised as one of the best personal trainers in London by Time Out magazine, and more than this is widely regarded by his legion of internet followers as being amongst the very best personal trainers in the UK.


As are all the team at Ultimate Performance, Phil is what one might call a “serious personal trainer”, however this applies doubly to a man in as much demand as him.  You can be an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, he enjoys working with many different types of client, but you must be serious about improving and you must listen to his advice.  This is exactly what he tells to everyone who comes to him.   He may say it with a smile but make no mistake, he means it.  But the proof of the pudding is in his track record, and if you listen to Phil your results are guaranteed.

A few words from Nick Mitchell:

“Having a man of Phil Learney’s stature and calibre join the UP team has been one of my more gratify professional moments in the past couple of years.  Phil is just about the only PT in London external to UP that I ever heard good things about from clients.  Nor was it one or two people singing his praises, rather it was a large handful who had seen him operate at his former gym and would always exhort me that he would be the ideal trainer to have on board. This prompted me to start following some of his writing and I can honestly say that I was blown away by his knowledge, commitment, and an enthusiasm for Strength & Conditioning that just bounced right off the page!  He lives the life as all great trainers must do, and gives nothing less than 100% to every aspect of personal training.  Indeed, his knowledge is such that I can imagine no one better than Phil to work alongside me in creating our new UP Education business that will bring the moribund world of UK personal training certifications kicking and screaming into finally producing well trained, knowledgeable personal training graduates.”

Laurence Shahlaei, England’s Strongest Man, 4th Worlds Strongest Man 2011

“I have been working with Phil for the last year and in that time his knowledge of nutrition and strength conditioning has helped propel me into the top 4 strength athletes in the world.

Phil’s diet logs and support materials are invaluable in keeping me on track and allow me to maintain focus and closely monitor my nutrition whilst keeping up with a hectic training schedule.

With Phil’s continued support I hope to progress further in my chosen sport.”

Ollie Philips, Professional Rugby Union Player, England 7s Captain, IRB 7s Player of the year 2009, Stade Francais player.

“Phil is the consummate professional and knows his profession better than any individual i have come across. I have progressed in most areas of my training and it is thanks to Phil’s ideas, insights and suggestions that I feel I will be returning to the world of rugby following injury a better athlete and player. Thank you for all your hard work and effort Phil.”

Dave “Bulldog” Beattie, 5x World Powerlifting Champion and World record holder

“Phil Learney has been a member of the Bulldog powerlifting team for just over three years, in this time he has gained a great deal of strength, putting over 80 kg on his squat, 40 kg on his deadlift and over 50 kg on his bench press, whilst becoming stronger in all aspects of his training,  he has managed to stay in excellent lean condition and gain very little in way of body fat, but gain pure lean muscle.

Phil soon became an integral part of the team and was able to offer many team members advice on weight gain / weight loss and how to cut weight and re hydrate for competitions. Phil also was a good sounding board for new ideas and techniques and was always able to help with his huge scope of knowledge. Phil helped many of my olympic lifters stay on track with their diets and make specific weight classes, and his special brand of putting it across in a “take no prisoners”kind of way made even the weakest willed too scared to deviate from his plan, or face the consequences .

Phil has a huge array of knowledge gained from a complex variety of sources and is always searching out new information and travelling all over the world to gain knowledge. On a personal level Phil has helped me retain my world title and set the world squat record in squat of 462.5 kg at 47 years of age, and the British and European bench record of 305kg, Phil also helped me drop from the 140kg class to the 125kg class and win the British open class title and World Masters title.

At all times and in a variety of situations i have seen Phil train and coach a wide range of clients for a variety of goals in many interesting and innovative ways. Phil’s clients all achieve their goals if they stick to his plan, and he is without doubt the best personal trainer and coach I know.

If you need a personal trainer who is from the real world with no”weak” qualifications and who is able to “talk the talk” and” walk the walk” Phil Learney is your man!

If you are able to get into his personal training diary you are a very fortunate person and 75% of the way to achieving your goals, Phil is in my opinion the best trainer in a highly competitive market”