Learn All About Gemma’s Training Plan With U.P.

Gemma began her body transformation at U.P. mid-2017. Her goal was to build an impressive figure that would have her feeling confident on the beach and throughout summer.

‘The Ultimate Body Plan’ is Gemma’s book, scheduled for release on 27th December 2018. This book discusses her fitness regime with U.P. and details the secrets to her success as a U.P. client.

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Gemma’s Nutrition Plan

Gemma’s diet was critical in helping her get lean, look amazing and get her impressive 12-week results at Ultimate Performance.

It was the combination of this optimal diet and the training programme, matched with 12 weeks of consistency, that helped Gemma get in amazing shape for BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.

Gemma’s diet plan at Ultimate Performance was incredibly straightforward – simplicity is always key, and the diet that fits into your lifestyle is the easiest to maintain.

Keeping things simple and having a few key dietary rules to follow, like scores of women who are following the LiveUP Bikini Body Plan, really helped Gemma master her diet and get the results she wanted.

Her meals were built around quality sources of lean protein and lots of green vegetables, alongside moderate amounts of healthy fats or carbohydrates.

Gemma ate between 5-6 small meals during an average day on her transformation.

This was simply because it fit around Gemma’s lifestyle and busy daily schedule, but it also enabled her to keep her hunger at bay and easily stick to her nutrition plan.

Gemma’s Daily Diet



Gemma ensured she ate a breakfast high in protein with healthy fats and fibre – often eggs, smoked salmon and spinach.

A breakfast rich in fats and protein rather than carbs helped stabilise her blood sugar, control her appetite and gave her slow-releasing energy to get through the morning.


Gemma would eat chicken breast, avocado and green vegetables for lunch to keep her body full, fuelled and satisfied for the whole afternoon.


Carbohydrates were mainly kept until the last meal of the day, or until after she had trained in the gym. Gemma would enjoy red meat or fish, green vegetables and sweet potato for dinner.

Contrary to the popular myth that you ‘shouldn’t eat carbs after 3pm’, Gemma and many other clients on the LiveUP programme get the best body transformation results when they reserve their carb intake until the evening.

Gemma atkinson abs


Gemma Atkinson wanted to get in the best shape of her life in the quickest time possible – and 12 weeks is all it took working with Ultimate Performance.

The training programme that helped Gemma sculpt her new body and get ready for BBC show Strictly Come Dancing prioritised weight training to give her the toned, defined and athletic look she wanted.

Just like the LiveUP Bikini Body Plan, Gemma’s workouts comprised of ‘supersets’ that target opposing muscle groups consecutively to get maximum results in minimum time.

This meant Gemma would perform a lower body lift, like a squat, immediately followed by an upper body lift, like a pull-down, with only short rest periods in between each ‘superset’.

Not only does this split between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ exercises create a balanced physique, but it meant Gemma could do more work in less time in the gym, making her workouts super efficient and effective with each session lasting just 45 minutes to an hour.

Gemma’s workouts used exercises that targeted her lower body to start accentuating her feminine curves, which is also the focus of the lower body workouts in the LiveUP Bikini Body Plan.


Supplements are just that – nutrients that should supplement your diet, rather than replacing real foods. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be of great benefit to your health and your body transformation.

Different people will benefit from different supplements, depending on the foods you are eating day-to-day as well as your training and your fitness goals.

We kept Gemma’s supplements very basic – down to the essentials that really did give the most ‘bang-for-buck’ towards making her body transformation the best it could possibly be.

Here are the three key supplements that we suggested to Gemma during her transformation at U.P…

Omega 3

We want an Omega-3 supplement high in EPA and DHA. This is because both of these omega oils are good anti-inflammatories, reducing whole body inflammation and increasing cell-membrane flexibility, which makes cells more receptive to nutrients.

Vitamin D3

We don’t normally get enough Vitamin D from the sun, especially living in the UK. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 has many benefits, including helping with the absorption of nutrients like calcium. Your Vitamin D3 supplement should combine Vitamins K1 and K2 for best effectiveness.


Sleep is a vital part of rest and recovery. As well as helping create an optimal environment for body transformation, magnesium reduces overactivity in the brain and muscles which helps improve the quality of your sleep by relaxing your body and mind.