Sorting fact from fiction when it comes to the ever evolving world of nutritional supplements can be a minefield for even the most experienced nutritionist or BioSignature Modulation practitioner. For instance, did you know that many cheaper calcium supplements are ineffective at increasing bone density? Moreover, when dealing with issues of female fat loss and health it becomes even more complex as the role of estrogen, and most notably xeno, or foreign, estrogens, becomes more and more of a problem in the increasingly polluted world in which we live.

We are famous, and perhaps even notorious, for being straight with our personal training clients. You don’t come to UP for a spa like experience, you come for results, and we treat you accordingly and won’t shy away from the hard truth where appropriate. However, there are many occasions in dealing with female fat loss and weight loss when being over your ideal weight really is not your fault. Sure, if you are one of our UP clients and you insist that correct dieting is a bowl of Special K at breakfast, a bagel and skinny latte at lunch, and chicken salad at night, and you are not getting the results you hoped for, then it is entirely your fault as you not eating optimally for fat loss and you are ignoring our requests! But if you are controlling your blood sugar, exercising regularly and living a balanced life and the weight still won’t shift then you are in an unlucky, but not insignificant, minority of women who need extra help.

The trouble with women, as any man will tell you, is your hormones. Female hormones are great, they create a “womanly figure” and give you softer skin and a better head of hair, but if they run rampant then thunder thighs and big rear ends are also the order of the day. They also, if left unchecked, cause a lot of the symptoms of PMS, and are prime factor in causing mood fluctuations. Simply put, your liver has to process and detoxify all the estrogen that courses through your body – that is the estrogen that you produce as well as all the estrogen that comes with our environment (this latter point has reached such elevated levels that is the reason why young girls reach puberty so early now). Your liver takes a beating and eventually is unable to deal with all the estrogen, and this can inevitably lead to weight gain in all the wrong places. Good food and smart exercise alone is not enough to detoxify the liver and pull out the bad estrogen, you need the right supplementation to really be effective.

There are also the alarming number of women who have sluggish thyroid output. In fact, latest studies suggest that as many as 90% of all cases of hypothyroidism (low thyroid production) are in women, and a high proportion of these go undiagnosed. Purely from a cosmetic point of view low thyroid production is a massive negative, we estimate that a 1% drop in your thyroid output equals a 6% drop in BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – how quickly you burn calories). There are a host of reasons why women are more vulnerable to thyroid issues than men, the most obvious being that estrogen partially blocks the efficiency of thyroid hormone. It is a sad fact that often in our personal training practice we can be fairly comfortable in predicting most men’s success or failure in fat loss based on their compliance to our instructions, whereas there are about 15% of females whom we have to dig deeper for because their bodies don’t respond to even the paradigm of a fat loss programme due to impaired thyroid output. These are probably not the words you expected to read on a personal training website aimed at exciting you at the possible changes you can make to your body, but we are known as straight talking non BS operation, and it is crucial that you appreciate that you should not beat yourself up, or even worse simply give up, because you are doing everything right and nothing is happening. Assisting the thyroid via nutritional / nutritional supplementation intervention is more than achievable, and in the odd case where this doesn’t increase it to the levels that are aiming for then we work with world class Functional Medicine experts who can fix the issue the right away, as opposed to the “throw a few drugs at it”, “band-aid” philosophy applied by the general medical community.

These hormonal issues, although not unique to women, are predominantly female issues and the reasoning behind the development of a number of cutting edge nutritional supplements / nutriceuticals, as the health industry develops new and better ways to address increasingly modern diseases and problems. The very best starting solution to identifying whether you would benefit from focused nutritional supplementation is to have a BioSignature Modulation assessment with an experienced practitioner. Please note that you should seek out references and case studies when thinking of working with anyone practicing BioSignature, as unfortunately, despite ongoing improvements in teaching methodology, we have noticed a massive slipping in standards as BioSignature itself has gained in popularity and it’s radical efficacy has been picked up by the public at large.

We have a full list of female focused supplements in our store, but as a guide for you here are ten of the most effective supplements we stock that are ideal for female fat loss and health.

Primal Fiber 1 / Primal Fiber 3

Fiber to help draw out xeno estrogens from the body. We include a number of fiber products here as they are vital to effective female fat loss and their use should be rotated every 8 days in order to prevent intolerances.

Flax Seed Hulls

Fiber to help draw out xeno estrogens from the body.

DIM Avail

An essential estrogen detoxifier. Read much more in the following article.

Uber Sulforophane

Found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts, activates the body’s natural detoxification and antioxidant enzymes, protecting cells from free radical damage. Specifically helps to detoxify E4 and E16 estrogens.


An estrogenic modulating medical grade protein powder that does amazing things for leaning up fat thighs and hamstrings!


Support for healthy cellular aging in females

Lean Legs 2

Lipotropic Excellence

Lipotropic Excellence is a specialized liver formula that provides nutrients involved in fat metabolism and support of healthy blood lipids; as well as herbs that support bile flow and healthy liver function.

Pre Natal Vitamins

Takes the guesswork out of selecting the right vitamins, minerals and essential fats for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Bone Matrix

Selecting RIGHT bone building supplement is absolutely essential, especially as woman approaches / reaches menopause. You can learn more in this Charles Poliquin article.