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""I am Fardeen Khan!""

Fardeen Khan talks about losing 12 kg in three months and feeling like a changed man!

Fardeen Khan has been spotted at recent events, looking like a much thinner version of himself. The missing double chin and bulge on this good-looking actor made for a pleasant sight. Fardeen, who has been in London for the last few months for the delivery of his first-born, has dropped off 12 kg! It is learnt that he managed to shed the weight in just three months. He began training at a celebrity gym in London which is famous for training boxing champs and Victoria’s Secret models.

Fardeen says, “I have been training at UP (Ultimate Performance) training gym for the last three months. Nick Mitchell (the founder of the gym) put me on to my personal trainer Shawn Murphy. Now I am down to a weight I haven’t been in years and it feels fantastic. Nick’s programme though extremely rigorous and strict, is great for weight loss. The results are impressive.”

Fardeen adds that the intense workouts, combined with a balanced diet, made the difference. “Apart from six-day-a-week training regime, I follow a balanced diet of 40 per cent protein, 40 per cent carbs and the rest fats. It was a one-hour killing workout with a combination of weight-training and cardio. The training programme helps to lose around one per cent of body fat every week. The exercises revolve around resistance training and includes squats, deadlifts and bench press,” he says.

Apart from feeling lighter and fitter, Fardeen is thrilled with the compliments from wife Natasha. “Now that I am back in Mumbai I work out at a gym in a seven-star hotel in Juhu. I am really enjoying the regime.

Natasha and my baby are still in London but she is extremely happy to see me looking so slim. She says that it’s nice to see the old, hot FK without a T-shirt working around the house. So keeping fit and healthy is my new mantra. I have been in Mumbai finishing my work but am missing my daughter a lot. She is just over two months old and they will be in the UK till May. I am shuttling between London and Mumbai till then.”

On the work front, he reveals, “I am also starting shooting for a couple of films, start commissioning scripts and plan to revive dad’s (Feroz Khan) production house.”


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