If you want to make a big change to your life there is no better place than Ultimate Performance.

London company boss Dickie came to UP to ‘go big’ and transform his life after there was a shock death in the family.

The 41-year-old, who runs an events firm, hadn’t done any exercise in a year and a half and admits he was feeling fat and unhealthy.

But coming to UP he achieved the huge change he wanted and in just 12 weeks he got himself in the best shape of his life.

He lost 8kg and almost halved his body fat from 19.4% to 10.9% in that short space of time, while developing a knowledge of nutrition and some healthy habits to keep him in shape for life.


“My expectations were it was going to be the hardest training I’d ever done and my motivation was to make a big change in my life following an unexpected death in the family,” he explains.

“I hadn’t exercised for 18 months so I felt like a fatty, but I was mentally and emotionally prepared to go big which I think was probably a pre-requisite for doing this course.”

Before starting the 12-week transformation, Dickie says his diet wasn’t drastically unhealthy, but he just enjoyed alcohol and treats a little too much.

His UP trainer helped him clean up his eating and get some structure into his meals with an intelligent nutrition plan that got him super-lean.

“My diet was okay although, I drank too much and ate too many pastries, chocolate and bread. But I gave up drinking and stuck to the diet 85-90% of the time.”

Dickie says this had a profound effect on his health, performance and energy levels both inside and outside the gym. It also helped him develop some know-how on how to make simple food interesting and tasty so healthy eating became more of a lifestyle.


This has meant he has been able to find balance in his diet after his transformation which makes these big changes more sustainable into the future.

Now he has completed this 12-week journey, he can relax knowing that he can maintain what he has achieved.

“It has changed me from thinking about being healthy. I’ve relaxed off it and not doing enough exercise but I’ve only put on 5lbs and I am stable at that. I’m also not drinking during the week.

“In fact, I’ve developed an allergy which can only be bread, alcohol or my cat…I’m going cold turkey on all (well not the cat) for a month to find out what it is.

“I’ve given up drinking beer which I’m sure isn’t good for me.”


He was thrilled with the results he achieved at UP, saying: “I was happy I did 85-90% of the maximum I could have achieved and that was good enough for me.”

One of the key things that helped him achieve his impressive transformation results was the partnership between himself and his trainer.

UP’s elite trainers take a holistic approach to client transformations – not just training and nutrition, but optimising lifestyle, stress, sleep and many more factors.

But ultimately Dickie says it comes down to the synergy between client and trainer to achieve the best results.

“My relationship with my trainer JP was the main thing – carrot and stick, technique on resistance training, and the diet was a big thing.

“I would recommend UP as it’s hardcore, no prisoners and they are focussed on pushing you to get you where you need.

“Everyone is very friendly and there is a sense you’re all in it together.  It’s all about the relationship with your PT ultimately.”

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Well, I made it!

I survived 12 weeks of the most intense training, the most disciplined diet and some pretty bad mood swings, and I’ve come out the other side with so much more than I ever imagined I would.

For one, I’ve finally got a body I’m pretty proud of! I’m not naturally skinny and I never will be – my love of food since childhood has meant it’s always required a bit of effort to remain in reasonable shape (My passion for healthier recipe creation stemmed from this dilemma – my love for food along with my desire for a strong physique.)

After five years of eating well and training hard, but never quite achieving the results I craved, I’ve managed to finally transform my body shape in just 12 weeks with UP.

female 12 week fat loss


female 12 week - back




It turns out the truth behind getting the body you want is to commit yourself to something consistently and dedicate yourself to it 100%.

UP have taught me so much about training, diet and ultimately about myself – but the biggest lesson I will take away from my transformation is to keep it simple.

It’s not about complicated formulas, crazy workout routines and a cupboard full of supplements; no crazy fad diets or ‘detoxes’. It’s about keeping your diet clean and simple, regular and consistent.

It’s about training under the knowledge and supervision of a professional and dedicating your focus to nothing but training when you’re in the gym. Ultimately you must commit yourself to the process – and trust it.

Trusting the process took me a few weeks to get used to (as you’ll have read about if you’ve been following my blogs each week) but I can well and truly say I put my trust in the right hands. I’m over the moon with my results.


female bicep curl


Over the course of 12 weeks I went from 19% body fat to 11.5%.

We used weekly measurements to track my progress and the drop in body fat was consistent every week, which ultimately was the best motivation to get me to the end.

I dropped a dress size and now half of my clothes have gone to the charity shop and my new dresses and shirts are so much nicer now I have new muscles and curves to shape them.

I went from 58kg to 53kg – with the weight slowly and safely coming down without starving myself or sitting in a sauna (Muay Thai fighter remember!)

My fight weight has ranged from 52-56kg and has always been a struggle to reach during a fight camp. I’d often needed a few trips to the sauna and a water cut to get to my fight weight and within a few days, I’d have added the weight straight back on. It was unrealistic and not easy to maintain.

Over the last 12 weeks, I’ve reached my lowest fight weight and maintained it comfortably. No water cuts or starvation required – that’s for sure.


female 12 weeks results

The biggest transformation that I’ve noticed during this process is my confidence.

How I feel in tight clothes or a sports bra, how I speak to new people and how I feel walking around a gym is so different. The gym is a place that I feel seriously comfortable to be in now.

Being educated about the correct way to train means I can now carry on with my training confidently and correctly, which is something I’m so grateful for.

I’ve learned a lot about how to train, how to eat and how to get seriously lean – but I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

I’m much stronger than I realised, physically and mentally. This journey has not been smooth sailing – there have been so many ups and downs, but that is all part of the process and part of the reason I am taking so much away from the experience. The highs and the lows each taught me something new about myself, my mental stamina and my strength.

There were weeks when I wanted nothing more than to eat a bar of chocolate or to quite simply quit.


watt bike cardio

Equally, there were weeks when I couldn’t wait for my training session, to be beasted by my trainer and to eat my meal prep.

Fridays were the day I got my measurements, and watching those numbers drop each week was so exciting and addictive.

Getting through the low times, when my motivation was drained or my energy was low, is what has transformed me for life.

You will never make changes when you are sat in your comfort zone – it’s those times you push yourself (or when someone pushes you) that it really counts.

Being pushed past your comfort zone and realising that the only thing putting limitations on your progress is yourself.


female 12 weeks - side

That’s why UP get such incredible results. The trainers at UP coach you to see past you own personal doubts and limitations and they find out the best way to get the best out of you.

They support you through the highs and the lows, motivate you when you really don’t want to train at all and push you when you would quit if you were by yourself. There’s no quitting at UP, the trainers here care about you too much – they want you to succeed.

Whether you have questions about your diet, issues with your sleep or you generally just don’t feel like it – they will be there for you. That’s the beauty of personal training.



cable row

For me, the food was something I thought I would really struggle with, but it turns out that other than getting some serious cravings and being a little gutted at the thought of missing out on free samples (haha!) I actually felt that I had the food under control. Having somebody to hold you accountable to what you eat is such a simple but effective way to ensure that you stay on track. You don’t ever want to let them down.

I enjoyed my diet so much that I’m happy to carry on with it now that it’s all ‘over’. I don’t really feel like anything is over though, I feel like it’s just beginning.

I’ve had a 12-week head start – a big push in the right direction and now I’m armed with the knowledge and support to keep progressing there’s really no stopping me.


female post-12-weeks results

I’m taking a little pause now, to rest, relax, eat a few treats and enjoy some downtime with friends and family. Then my plan from here is simple:

Train with UP, eat the delicious healthy meals I’ve been eating since the start of the year, and when I feel like a treat or a rest day – go for it. I’m so happy to have found that balance now. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and so thankful to UP for helping me to see what I am capable of.

Thanks to everyone who supported me on my journey and watch this space – there’s so much more to this journey that is yet to come. I am strong.

I hope this will inspire you to start your own journey too, get in touch today using the form below – there’s no better time to start than right now.

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Mother-of-three Jen says she has got her body back after just 15 weeks training with Ultimate Performance.

As a former competitive swimmer who competed at a national level, she was always fit, active and healthy.

But having three children and balancing parenthood with a demanding career meant her fitness suffered.

However, Jen found out whats possible to achieve in 15 short weeks at UP, and she has been blown away by her results.15 week transformation - deadlift


“My results surpassed my expectations, she says. “After having three children in a little over four years and working full-time in an intense environment, I honestly didn’t think it was possible to get my body back.

“I had always been fit and active and was not happy with the way I looked and more importantly the way I felt.

“Now I am stronger, leaner and more energetic than I have been in years. In the end, not only did my body transform but my view of what healthy looks and feels like has fundamentally changed.

“On top of that, my trainer says I look younger…I won’t question that!”

Jen’s pedigree as a competitive swimmer meant she knew how to train hard and push herself – but experiences with other personal trainers hadn’t challenged her enough to get the results she wanted.

“I come from an athletic background, having trained and competed at a national level in swimming for over 10 years.

“A few years after I stopped swimming, I signed up for personal training sessions at another gym and felt like the workouts were ones that I could have easily done on my own; I wasn’t being pushed and I wasn’t learning anything new.

“The trainer was only there for me for the one-hour session and diet was not part of the conversation. It was seriously a waste of time and money.”

15 week female transformation


But from the moment Jen started working with her personal trainer at UP she knew it was a game-changer.

Her diet plan was tailored to her exact nutritional needs and geared up to get her in the best shape of her life.

Her trainer created a bespoke training programme that challenged her every single session of the 15 weeks and showed her what she was truly capable of.

UP’s holistic approach to body transformation meant everything from sleep to supplements was considered to help Jen reach her goals and build her stunning new figure.

female 15 week transformation

“From day one I knew UP was different; during training sessions my trainer pushed me beyond what I thought I could do, and outside of training sessions my trainer regularly checked in with me to see how I was getting on with my diet. His continuous support was critical to my success.

The actual training experience at UP has been like a crash course in fitness and nutrition. I have learned so much and now fully understand the key role that nutrition plays.

It can feel like a big step coming into a new gym and an intense training environment like UP, which is geared up for delivering exceptional results for every single client.”

But once Jen had got over her apprehension she found it an incredibly motivating place to train.

female transformation - rope pulls

“The gym was a bit intimidating at first (there are some big guys lifting big weights!). But this quickly changed when I met my trainer Aneesh..

..“He was always positive and supportive and never made me feel inadequate if I didn’t know how to do something. Every question was a good question.

“Additionally, the overall team at UP has been very friendly and the other clients are always encouraging.”

Jen’s results after just 15 weeks are stunning. She achieved her goal of getting her body back after having children – but she says she has gained so much more too.

She says her UP experience has helped start a new chapter in her life.


female 15 weeks - pull ups

“My life has changed dramatically since working with my trainer. I am a much happier person and more confident in myself.

“I’m more focused and feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am really proud of myself and the example I am setting for my children.

“This really does feel like a new chapter in my life and I am excited to set new goals and push myself to achieve them – with UP’s help of course!”

She adds: “I would recommend UP to anyone who is serious about making a life change. UP and your trainer will commit 100% to making sure you succeed, so listen to them and commit back 100%. All the hard work is worth it!”

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It can be a real challenge getting back in shape after having children.

But for busy working mum-of-two Claire it was even tougher after she underwent major surgery following the birth of her second child.

Surgery left Claire unable to exercise and even perform basic tasks for nearly a year while she underwent intensive rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Surgeons told 36-year-old Claire that she would not be able to lift weights or go near the gym after the operation – saying that a life of swimming would now be her only keep-fit option.

But with just 20-weeks working under the world-class PTs at Ultimate Performance and Claire confounded doctors to safely get in the best shape of her life.

With a structured training and nutrition plan she lost 7kg, shed 40% of her body fat down from 23% to a lean 14% and lost 9cm off her waist.


“Having undergone major surgery in February 2016 and rehabilitation physiotherapy for 10 months after, I can honestly say that my expectations were pretty understated in terms of a physical/aesthetic change,” Claire says about taking the decision to start training and getting fit again.

“My surgeon had warned me off using weights and painted a life of swimming as my only means of physical exercise which doesn’t motivate or inspire me.”

Claire had been fit and active before her second pregnancy and loved to train with weights, so it was an incredibly tough time for her faced with the prospect of not being able to train again after the abdominal surgery.

“Post-surgery, I hadn’t done any exercise for 10 months, and as a physically active person, I was feeling frustrated,” she explains.

“I have always had an active lifestyle and attended a gym regularly, and weight training was part of that.

“I was looking for a trainer to help me get ‘back’ to where I was pre-surgery, but more specifically, help me redeem my strength and confidence in the gym.”


Claire says it was quite a vulnerable time for her as she was recovering from surgery but wanting to start getting back in shape.

“I was navigating my way through the delicate balance of wanting to push my body to gain strength and confidence, without damaging or setting back my recovery and hurting myself.

“By the time I re-joined UP In November, I was ready to focus on getting stronger again and testing/moving my body to see if it could perform in the way it had previously.”

But she made a choice to come and train with the team at Ultimate Performance to get help her on the road to recovery.

Despite her modest expectations, the bespoke training and nutrition plan created by her UP trainer helped Claire get in truly incredible shape – something she thought would be impossible after her operation.

Going from being unable to sit up out of bed, to lifting heavy weights and sculpting a stunning new figure in 20-weeks is testament to what can be achieved.


“I have absolutely loved the training,” Claire says. “I have trained three times a week, which is more than enough with a full time and hectic working and home life.

“Every session and every week I am tested and pushed. It is hard and very demanding, but so incredibly rewarding. The stronger I got though, it never seemed to get any easier. The discipline of training and achieving new personal bests I find totally addictive.”

One thing she credits for helping her achieve her amazing transformation is the help and commitment of her UP personal trainer Tony.

From modifying exercises to make training safe, to helping rebuild her confidence and even get her doing sit-ups again post-op, she speaks in glowing terms about UP’s world-leading PTs.

“My trainer Tony Folland has been just amazing. His commitment, rigour, support and reassurance has helped me regain my confidence in the gym and allowed me to achieve a new height of personal bests.

“He is also very nifty at bespoking almost all of the gym equipment for me, given I’m vertically challenged at only 5ft 3ins!

“We have a very strong client/trainer relationship, and I’m incredibly grateful to him for all his help and support the last few months, we have made a great team.”

She says her results after 20 weeks training with UP were better than anything she thought possible.

“While I’m both leaner and far stronger than I have ever been, my biggest achievement is that I can now curl up from laying on a workout bench without having to roll sideways to stand up!

“I have also incorporated some weighted crunches into my training, again, something I thought I would never be able to do or feel comfortable doing after my surgery.”

Claire has also developed some solid, lifelong knowledge to help keep her in peak physical condition for many years to come.

“I’ve learnt a huge amount about the science behind nutrition and flexible dieting and now know what a macro actually is!

“I know how to navigate my way around a gym and most importantly that weights won’t bulk me up.

“My trainer’s taught me the art of perfect form and keeping tension in the muscles I want to train; he also taught me that if I’m not slightly scared before I squat then it’s probably not heavy enough!”

If you’re inspired by Claire’s transformation and are ready for incredible results of your own, speak to us about our UP Personal Training Plans

How long have you wanted to get in truly incredible shape?

So many people spend a lifetime chasing a goal that always eludes them – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

For Arthur it was the same – he had been on a seven-year journey trying to complete the body transformation he simply thought was impossible.

But what he achieved after just 12 weeks’ training with Ultimate Performance proves that getting in the best shape of your life is within everybody’s reach.


The difference in Arthur’s fitness, physique and health is mind-blowing – particularly when he thinks back to his overweight and unhappy 23-year-old self who lived off crisps, sweets and beer.

You only have to look at this photo comparing the two side by side to see what Lithuanian-born Arthur means when he says he’s a completely different ‘person’.

“I’ve just finished my 12-week transformation and I feel like a different person. It’s amazing. I’m still getting used to my new body.”

“Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and think ‘oh! Is that me?’ I couldn’t imagine this transformation would go so well.”

“Now I feel like I’ve got the perfect body for myself. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking forward to for many years.”

The 30-year-old videographer wanted to recreate this photograph of himself after seven years to show just how radical his physical transformation has been.

“Seven years ago I was a different person, he says. “You can see it from the photo. Some people now can’t recognise me.”

“They say ‘who is that guy? Is that really you?’ I showed some pictures to my friends and they can’t believe it was me.”

“It’s motivating seeing that. When I see myself in that picture I can’t even believe it’s me – it feels like a different life.” 

“It’s not just a new body though, it’s a new mindset. It feels like I’ve started a new life.”

“I feel like I am stronger not only physically but mentally and more successful as a person. I am so different and so far away from that person in the past there is no way that I could go back there.”


Battling to lose weight…

Back then he weighed 115kg, ate and drank whatever he wanted and thought he could never get in shape.

“So my diet was different. I can’t even say it was a diet at all. It was just eat everything you see, drink everything you want.”

“So like beer, crisps and all the sweet stuff. I’ve got a really sweet tooth. My weight was 115kg. I have no idea what my body fat was because I never measured it.”

“But I can tell I was quite fat at that time. I felt different.”

Even his mother thought he was genetically predisposed to be overweight and unfit.

He says that now even she can’t believe how much he has changed since then.

“My mother, she was so excited when she saw me doing this transformation because she never thought that I was able to get that V shape or abs.”

“She thought that genetically I was different and when she saw my back she said ‘wow Arthur! I didn’t think this was possible! I did understand you can grow muscle, but the shape is totally different. It’s amazing!’

But Arthur’s transformation demonstrates that genetics has very little to do with getting in shape – anyone can achieve the results he has with an intelligent nutrition and training plan, consistency in the gym and in the kitchen, and the guidance of an expert PT.

What a difference 30kg makes…

He has lost an incredible 30kg from the day that photo was taken until he completed his transformation at UP.

But Arthur says it was the last 84 days of that period that have proved to be the most life-changing.

It took him just three months to halve his body fat, build a lean and muscular physique and carve out a set of abs he had always hoped for.

“I feel much more confident and I feel much happier. I feel like I can do much more. I just feel like I’ve just completed one of my biggest challenges so now I know I can do something more. That’s a great feeling.”

“I’m 30 years old and I was 23 at that time so it’s a great feeling knowing the fact that getting older I’m getting better as well.”


The changes to his body happened so fast…

One of the most surprising things about working with a personal trainer at UP was just how fast he started seeing the result of his tailored training and nutrition plan.

It was just a few weeks before he started to see his body changing before his eyes.

“I think the first results came after a few weeks when I lost about 4kg.  It was so quick I couldn’t believe that when I stepped up on the scales.” 

“Because some people always say they’re trying to lose weight but when they step on the scales they’re always stuck on the same number – or they’re eating less and they’re still on the same number.”

“It wasn’t a big challenge to be honest for those first few weeks, I just started following the diet plan which my personal trainer gave to me and I lost 4kg straight away. I expected it to be more difficult to be honest.”

Arthur says that finally seeing results from his training and dieting, and seeing the changes happening every week was incredibly motivating.

The training sessions were tougher and more intense than anything he’d ever done previously – but he could see they worked.

“After the sessions, you feel like a star. You’re pumped you can see your muscles and it motivates you.”

“That’s the best motivation when you see yourself in the mirror or you see those numbers or results.” 

“You know that you’re growing and you know you’re getting leaner. You know it’s working. And if it’s working then why not continue?”

“So, it’s like the best feedback. It’s difficult to do something if you can’t see any results or changes because you’re thinking you’re wasting your time.”

Two key things that helped get Arthur real results…

One of the things that really surprised Arthur during his 12-week transformation was just how effective training alongside a personal trainer was.

He had trained on his own before – but never got the results he wanted. But with just three hourly sessions a week he made a truly exceptional transformation.

How was it possible? Arthur says two key factors of working with a PT helped him gain more muscle mass, get leaner and achieve his incredible 12-week result.

“Technique is massively important. When you’re doing the exercises on your own it’s sometimes difficult to judge if you’re doing it correctly or not.

“But a personal trainer helps to make sure you do your exercises correctly and makes sure you’re not going to get any injuries. This means you can go with a heavier weight and get better results.”

“Secondly, those last three reps, you won’t really ever be able to do them on your own. You just don’t have enough strength.”

“Your personal trainer knows better than you how many reps you’ve got left in you.  So with him, I was able to lift more than if I was doing it on my own.”

Arthur says his transformation hasn’t just given him a new body – it has shown him his true strength which has carried over into every other aspect of his life.

“Training here, I discovered myself. I discovered my body and I found out that I can do much more than I expected for myself.”

“I realised I’m much stronger than I thought. That makes me feel more confident. It makes me feel like I’m ready for new challenges and that’s amazing.”

“UP gave me a new life. UP gave me self-confidence and that feeling that I can achieve much more than I could before.”

If you’re inspired by Arthur’s story, see how we can help you achieve results you’ve always wanted with a UP Personal Training Plan…

This is what you can achieve with a world-class personal trainer in just four weeks.

It took Andrew just 29 days to see remarkable results with his physique that he never thought possible.

After less than a month working with Ultimate Performance, the 42-year-old Londoner saw the big changes he had struggled to achieve from years of going to the gym.

“I have been going to the gym on and off now for several years and have never seen these kind of results,” he says.

“It just goes to show that with a great trainer and the right diet, anything is possible.”

Over those 29 days, Andrew has built lean muscle and seen his body fat drop to around 9%, giving him a lean, muscular and athletic look.

Four-week transformation


His goal coming to UP was to put on some weight and ‘bulk up’.  Central to this goal was Andrew’s diet and the foods he was eating.

“I don’t believe that my diet was that bad before I started at UP in terms of health, I very rarely ate junk or sugary foods.

“My biggest problem was that I skipped meals a lot and only really ate when I was hungry, my trainer Tony told me that this was keeping me from keeping a positive energy balance (a surplus of calories) and that although my diet was ‘healthy’, it wasn’t specific enough to my goal.”

A huge part of helping Andrew get such great results was the personalised nutrition plan put together for him by his UP trainer.

It has been a real education for him to learn how to optimise his diet to help him put on lean muscle. He says he is already reaping the benefits.

“I’m much more aware now of energy balance, having a good ratio between protein, fats, carbs and how to manipulate them based on my needs – I had never given any consideration to this before.

“I also know that consuming too many calories will lead to diminishing returns with regards to how fast muscle can grow (which I have a new found appreciation for how hard it is) and unwanted fat gain.

“I eat four meals every day now and even enjoy the treats that I previously thought wouldn’t help me achieve my goals, in fact I never seem to stop eating!”

Four-week transformation


Training with UP has helped develop his physique, his strength and his confidence in a short time too.

Andrew explains that training is tough but it has helped him push beyond the limit to bring him the results he wanted.

“I really enjoy going to the gym now. Don’t get me wrong, It’s bloody hard work!

“My trainer really pushes me to failure and when I can’t do any more he somehow manages to assist me past that. It is painful at the time but temporary, I always leave the gym feeling fantastic!

“I am really pleased with how far I have come. I am so much stronger than I was before and I actually have what could pass as legs now and not sticks.

“I really notice the strength in my legs when I do activities which used to exhaust me. I also feel that my body as a whole is much more in proportion now.”

Four-week transformation


It’s not just physical results either that Andrew has experienced. Before training at UP, he had been quite self-conscious.

“Physically I had already been going to a gym regularly but never seemed to get very good results. Mentally, let’s just say that I wasn’t very confident about the way I looked, I was very self-conscious about my weight.”

But learning how to master his diet and being able to push himself in training to get results has boosted his confidence.

“Without a shadow of a doubt I am much more confident, I feel much more at ease about the way I look and I’m in a much better headspace than I was when I first started.”

If you’re inspired by Andrew’s results and you want to see what you can achieve in just four weeks, speak to us about our Personal Training Plans.