So many people feel like they’re putting in the hard effort with their fitness – but not seeing the results and getting the body they want.

Father-of-two Stuart felt the same way before he came to Ultimate Performance.

A keen cyclist, the London law firm partner regularly tackled hundred-mile bike rides but felt frustrated at still not being able to lose weight and get the body shape he wanted.

But it was a personalised weight training and nutrition programme with his UP trainer which finally helped build him a body he could be proud of.

In just 12 weeks he managed to lose 12kg, shed pounds of body fat and build a muscular physique.

The weight loss combined with the new-found strength and power he developed meant his cycling performance has vastly improved – even with doing fewer long rides, he found he was more powerful on the bike during a 450km cycle around the Scottish Highlands.

The bespoke programme created by his UP trainer also helped him overcome a long-term shoulder injury – and now he says his shoulder feels stronger than ever.

Not only that, but Stuart says it has given him better focus at work and has helped him become a healthier father for his two young children.

Here he explains how weight training with UP has improved his lifestyle, his health and his performance in the gym, the office and out on the bike…

What were your expectations going into the programme and what were your motivations? 

Having had an operation on my shoulder, I was keen to get back in training to lose some fat but also improve strength and movement in my shoulder.


I was also aware that while I still did a reasonable amount of cycling and could cope with fairly long rides, I was some way off my best fitness.

I was therefore keen to see how my body reacted to weight-based training and ultimately what I could achieve if I stuck to the plan.

How were you feeling both physically and mentally before starting with UP?

I was feeling physically okay in terms of fitness (I had done various long distance cycle rides) but knew that I was overweight and some way off my physical best.

From a mental perspective I was frustrated that I had put on weight partially through lack of activity with the operation, but also knew it was as much as anything a lifestyle change that I needed to make.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with UP? 

While my general diet was okay, I had a real weakness for nights out, particularly work-related nights out, and if I had done any cardio, I felt that I was due a “reward” in the form of either a more indulgent meal or a night out (or both).


Equally, if I was on a team night out or a client dinner, I would take the view that I could eat and drink what I liked and train the following day to compensate.

That was fine in theory, but it meant the training was not effective particularly if the compensatory training session never took place or was half-hearted.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with UP? 

It was a slow start, with too many excuses like ski trips etc, but after a couple of weeks I buckled down and made some wholesale changes.

I cut alcohol and was more honest in terms of sticking to the meal plan.

It was tough to start, particularly in terms of peer pressure from friends and colleagues with respect to drinking, but I quickly saw improved performance in the gym and my weight began to drop which created a virtuous circle in that I wanted to remain committed and train harder to keep the results coming.

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

The difference was amazing.

I had thought that I generally slept well, but I quickly found I was waking up with much more energy and felt more awake from the get go.

The sessions in the gym also became more effective as I moved from barely being able to complete the various sets to powering through.

I rapidly saw increased strength, particularly as my shoulder went through its rehabilitation, but more generally as the weight for squats and deadlifts increased.


Adam, my trainer, was fantastic in coaching me through technique so that the loads could safely increase, but also had the knowledge that when I said a particular movement didn’t work for my shoulder, he could amend and adapt the plan to keep the muscles working without putting a strain on my shoulder.

Twelve weeks later my shoulder feels stronger than it ever has before, and I have much more confidence in its movement and stability.

I have also noticed improved cycling performance, despite spending less time on the bike this year than previous years. The weight training has helped increase my power on the bike and the weight loss has certainly helped.

I recently completed three days and 450km of cycling hills in Scotland and felt strong, despite a relative lack of time on the bike.

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle? 

I can work long and often erratic hours, plus with two young kids I thought it would be a challenge to fit three sessions in a week.

However, with my trainer being flexible and always trying to accommodate any last minute changes it is eminently doable.

It also requires commitment from me to keep the appointments, but I find doing the sessions hugely beneficial from a mental point of view, as getting an hour away from the office to concentrate on training, rather than work, allows me to come back to the office refreshed, energised and ready to focus on my work.

What were your results like after your transformation? 

I have dropped 12kg and massively increased muscle mass.

It has been quite a stark change, as evidenced by the number of people who have asked me how I’ve lost so much weight.

However, for me, it’s not so much the weight loss, but the change in body shape that has been the most dramatic. Irrespective of ‘how cycle fit’ I have been in the past, I have never been so lean or managed to maintain upper body strength while dropping weight.

It’s been an expensive exercise, however, as none of my suits fit me anymore!

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation? 

The key learning point for me is that you only get out what you put in.

In the first few weeks while I did the training, I was not committing to the diet and so the training was not having its maximum impact.

Small changes and considerable dedication meant that I suddenly saw huge changes and increased performance. The payoff has not just the improved performance though.

I felt much more confident and proud of the results, which spurred me on to achieve more.

I also had the realisation that with two young kids I should be looking after my body better, plus that by feeling healthier my mind was actually much more sharp for work too.

My trainer helped massively through the transformation with the right level of support, encouragement (and chastising when required!) but even more the support of my wife who encouraged me and was pleased to see me improving my health for my family.

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward? 

I’ve changed the way I think about training and realised the value in getting proper coaching.

Having played rugby and cycled in the past, I am now convinced of the benefits of personal weight training to achieve fitness goals.

I love the fact that I feel energised and mentally focussed. But probably most important to me is the change in lifestyle.

I feel I am much better equipped to understand what my body needs in terms of diet and training, which means I can make the right choices whether that’s eating out at client events, going out with mates or just everyday life.

Would you recommend UP and why? 

Absolutely. I have found the coaching amazing not just in terms of delivering results, but listening to me and adapting the plan to fit with the rehabilitation of my shoulder or other niggles.

Communication with Adam has been key, whether it is just the daily check in, update as to how I am feeling or a niggle, he tailored the plan as required.

That included tweaking my back at work and putting me in touch with the chiropractor at UP Mayfair who listened to how it happened, gave me a series of exercises and in a matter of days had me back to full fitness.

In summary, the level of support you get is unparalleled. Results only come if you commit to the plan, but I can think of no better way to get the results you want.

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If you’re getting married you want to look lean, healthy and razor sharp on your wedding day.

That’s exactly what groom-to-be George achieved in just 12 weeks Online Personal Training with Ultimate Performance.

The 33-year old head of operations in London made the decision to train under UP’s world-class personal trainers to get in shape for his wedding later on in the year.

With the usual bad habits of eating out and drinking, George struggled to see any physical progress despite his efforts in the gym.

So after five years of trying his best to achieve the body he dreamed of, George decided it was time to seek professional help and get the job done.

What happened next? The results after just 12 weeks speak for themselves.

What were your expectations going into the programme and what were your motivations? 

I’m getting married later this year and I decided I wanted to be in the best possible shape for that.

After seeing the other results, I had pretty high expectations – but I was under no illusions that hard work and dedication was needed, which for me was a really big lifestyle change.


Can you tell me how you were feeling both physically and mentally before starting with UP? 

I wasn’t in awful condition, I play a lot of football but despite that and attending the gym on and off for extended periods over the last five years or so, I just couldn’t get any noticeable results.

I’m pretty driven in other aspects of my life so I was confident I had the dedication, just not the direction to really achieve what I wanted.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with UP? 

Looking back it wasn’t great.

I didn’t eat terribly but I had no concept of calories or macros really in daily life and with a highly sociable job I was drinking fairly excessively and quite often.


How did it change after starting with Ultimate Performance?

My lifestyle did change dramatically.

Diet wise, I wouldn’t ever have breakfast and was eating out almost every day – so almost immediately I had to curb that and pre-prepare almost all my meals – and eat almost religiously in terms of timings.

Socially was probably the most difficult adjustment as I went from the guy everyone knew would lead the charge at work drinks, to having to say no and head home.

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

I never lacked energy before but I definitely saw a huge difference in my fitness, especially playing football.


But in terms of the social side, I had to make what I saw as ‘sacrifices’ to not go to parties or nights out, which definitely was the biggest challenge for me through the whole process.

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle? 

I travel a fair amount with work, but when in the UK and in a routine I found that the eating was very manageable but the training did have more challenges in trying to find the time needed through the week – where ideally the gym was quieter as I wanted to be able to focus fully and give it the intensity required.

What were your results like after your transformation? 

Results were definitely impressive, especially given the relatively short period of time.

Almost anyone I knew could see the difference from when I started, where I had stripped away a lot of the fat for muscle and probably knocked a few years off!

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation? 

It was a massive education for me.

The biggest thing was tracking my food with My Fitness Pal, which obviously plays a huge part in any training programme.

I completely agree you can’t out-train a bad diet. Huge credit to my trainer Adam, who whilst I only saw him once a week, I also did the online training with him with daily check-ins.

Having his guidance on diet, gym plan and improving my technique training was invaluable.

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward? 

The experience has completely adjusted my thinking when it comes to diet and training and I’m looking to push on and go even further with everything.

Would you recommend UP and why? 

I would 100% recommend UP and I have already done so.

You absolutely need the discipline to achieve results but the support and guidance you get is fantastic.

They are literally with you every step of the way and unlike other gyms or PT’s, they want to achieve the results with you, which makes a big difference.

The atmosphere at the gym is completely professional with no frills, just hard graft – but that’s what it takes if you want to get actual results.

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Business owner Ken is proof you can get the dream body no matter what your age or how busy your schedule.

The 41-year-old looks every inch the Hollywood leading man after making a stunning transformation with Ultimate Performance.

All it took him was 12 short weeks to get in this jaw-dropping shape.

Father-of-two Ken had the drive and motivation to put 110% into his body transformation journey, and the results really show.

In just three months he lost 10kg, almost halved his body fat down to a lean 9% and packed on some impressive muscle.


Ken’s commitment to getting the maximum results possible alongside the knowledge and expertise of his UP personal trainer in optimising his training and diet made it simple to get the body he had always wanted.

“I have seen a complete transformation! I now have a chest, shoulders and back that has provided a better aesthetic as well as better functionality via increased strengthening of my frame.

“Body fat dropped off of me, and I look back at the “before” photograph and cannot remember looking that out of shape. Thank you UP and Ori!”

In fact, Ken describes the process as just as straight forward as painting by numbers – just sticking to his plan and reaping the incredible benefits in his health, fitness and physique.


“The training and nutrition coaching experience that I received at UP, through my trainer Ori, was nothing less than perfect for someone like me.

“There was an absolute professionalism in the designing and execution of the total programme which made getting from the “before” to the “after” physique as easy as following a paint-by-numbers-style process. 

“Basically, as long as the client comes into the UP programme with discipline and a resolute determination to succeed, the transformation is a foregone conclusion.”

Ken’s 12-week transformation hasn’t just manifested itself in impressive physical results.

The businessman says it has helped improve every aspect of his life, his health and his work.

“I feel happier generally in myself and have a little more confidence in that I know that I look better than before.

“The clean eating and new discipline of getting to bed early and sleeping for an adequate length of time also affected my general perspectives, temperament and ability to access a higher degree of my IQ.

“The choice of being well rested will never be a peripheral consideration for me ever again. The new body is also here to stay!”



What made Ken’s transformation so successful was that he was able to commit fully to the training and nutrition which helped him achieve such outstanding results.

His health and fitness were put high up on his list of priorities and he gave it his all.

“I had no doubts or reservations regarding personal training or the UP programme, per se.

“However, with knowing what was required of me in respect to time allocation, discipline and eating plan, I did need to sit down and take a good look at my commitments for the following 12-weeks to ensure that I could realistically commit. Not giving a 110% to the programme was never an option!”

Another key thing that helped Ken make such a stunning transformation so quickly was the results-driven environment at UP.

The round-the-clock support of his personal trainer guided him through the process and helped educate him on training and nutrition to set him up for life.

“Ori (my expert UP personal trainer) was engaged, constantly understanding more about me and my daily life and tweaked things along the way to keep everything on track.

“The UP team members would often go out of their way to provide a complement or feedback.

“In addition, I found that there was a certain camaraderie amongst some of the other clients that I would regularly see in and around the gym. All in all, I found UP to be a very supportive environment.”

What Ken achieved with UP was incredible. When asked whether he would recommend UP for a total body transformation to others, he said: “I would ask whether they are going to be 100% committed to the programme before even considering if they are ready for UP.

“If their answer is a definitive ‘yes’, then UP is the programme for them. I would also urge anyone considering to commit to the UP 12-week programme not to procrastinate and sign up and change yourself for the better today!

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After years of half-hearted efforts in the gym, Mark says giving UP a try was “one of the singular most important decisions I’ve made.

His realisation that life wasn’t what he wanted it to be was sudden: “I remember one day realising that I had changed and wondering what had happened.”

Mark wanted to take his training to the next level, and committed to the UP lifestyle for 6 intense weeks to reshape his body.



At first the training was extremely tough, nothing like I’ve ever done before. Yet once you start to see results, start to understand the science behind it all and start to see and live the broader benefits including improved focus, higher energy levels and increased confidence, training becomes part of your life. I have such a renewed vigour and lust for life it’s simply amazing.”

Physically and mentally, he feels as though he’s had a new lease of life. “I’m literally a different person,” he says.


Before his transformation, he had made poor nutritional choices, and only realised how integral diet would be in reforming himself when a tailored diet plan was provided to him by UP.

If you’re not prepared to understand how important a factor [your diet] is then you’re setting yourself up to fail. You learn that it’s achievable to maintain a great lifestyle and active social life whilst eating great food yet without succumbing to certain temptations which ultimately are just not good for you.



According to Mark, the flexibility of UP and the trainers are what makes it easy to make time to train with a hectic lifestyle. With so many of us caught up in work and family commitments, UP understand the value in being as flexible with client schedules as possible.

He also says that his transformation is more than just about the physical, and what can be seen in pictures. It’s made him more alert, more aware, and has given him what he calls, “a tangible zest for life.”


There is no comparison between UP and other gyms which promote personal training. My experience at other gyms had been disinterested trainers with no desire to truly bring you on a wholesome transformation journey – minimal guidance or information behind what you were doing, no true form correction, little or no nutritional information and no explanation of the science behind the physiological changes a real nutrition and exercise regime would yield.”

If you want change and you’re prepared to learn, put in the effort and be disciplined, signing up with UP could be right for you and I’m pretty sure it will be the one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.”

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Feeling tired and sluggish and not on top of your game is something that so many people can relate to.

Woody’s diet and lifestyle was leaving him low on energy.

But it’s incredible what a different even just eight weeks can make – now he’s leaner, stronger and more energised than ever after his UP body transformation.

A bespoke nutrition plan and structured training with his personal training has transformed his health.

Woody says he wakes up every morning feel refreshed and full of energy, helping him excel at work and in the gym.

Here he explains how he was able to make such an impressive transformation with UP in just eight weeks. 

What were your expectations and motivations going into your 8-week programme?

My motivation before I started this was I’d plateaued in my fitness, and I’d wanted to reach the next level and really try and reach my full potential.

To try and push myself to the limit and have someone else guide me there, show me new things and really change my mindset in a positive way – that was my motivation behind it.

I expected to see results – quick results. I knew it would be hard work, but I wasn’t scared to try hard.

I really wanted someone to push me and really max me out.


How were you feeling physically or mentally before you started here?

Before I started, I was very lethargic, and I would wake up tired. I was brunching every weekend, and I was drinking all the time.

I just woke up feeling very sluggish and hazy.

Ever since I started here it just activated me – I was much better and has much more energy. I would wake up positive, refreshed and ready for the day.

Tell me about your diet and lifestyle before you started with UP?

My diet and lifestyle I was going out clubbing and partying and eating takeaway food, so I was always eating out and eating the wrong things.

It could definitely be improved, and that was the other reason I came here – to motivate me in a positive way with my diet and lifestyle.

How did your lifestyle change after you started with UP?

It changed pretty much instantly as soon as I started with UP. They changed my diet plan; they changed my outlook on how I see food.

My trainer was always available on WhatsApp or emails – and every single day he was checking in with me to see what my weight was, how my body was feeling, what my motivation levels were – I think that extra bit of human touch really keeps you motivated and on track which is really important.


What effect did this have on your performance, lifestyle and energy?

At the start of the training, it was a bit of a shock because I changed my diet and changed my training regime. But after two weeks I had more energy, I was sleeping better, my sleep patterns improved, I had more stamina at work, I was able to concentrate more, and it really changed me for the better. I was much more positive.

What were your results like after 8 weeks?

After the 8 weeks, my results were excellent. I was extremely happy.

I dropped some weight but I gained muscle.

My body fat went from 13% to 8.7% in eight weeks, so that was really positive and I really could have done it any other way.

What are the most important things you learned and what really worked to help make your transformation? 

What really worked for me was having all the trainers that motivated me every time I came in. It wasn’t just my trainer, but everyone else on the floor – all the other trainers would pitch in and help out and suggest different movements.

It’s a really big team atmosphere here, which is very important. Everyone is trying to help each other out – it’s a really big family of really positive, like-minded people.

How has doing this transformation changed you?

It’s changed me. It’s changed me for good. It’s changed the way I see training, the way I see my diet, the way I see nutrition, the way I see motivation and pushing myself.

I’ve reached new levels of motivation and mind-strength that I never thought I could reach.

I was hoping I could and I knew I would have to really, really try, but it has exceeded that even more.

I’m able to push even further now. So moving forward it’s going to change my training regime forever.

Would you recommend UP?

I would definitely recommend UP. It changed my outlook on training and diet and my lifestyle completely.

I’ve reached new levels of motivation and it made me reach my full potential and that’s why I came here because I really wanted to see how far I could push my body and my mind and my strength.

UP has been able to show me that you can do it. You’ve just got to be able to put your mind to it and work hard and it’s there – anyone can do it.

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All it takes to transform your body, your fitness and your health is a goal…and a little motivation.

Darren’s goal was to lose a few pounds to help him take on a 100-mile cycle ride around London’s Olympic course.

But 51-year-old Darren lost more than a few – he ended up shedding 41lbs (18.6kg), halving his body fat, taking 25cm off his waist and building a stronger and leaner new body in the process.

Simple changes to his diet and a progressive weight training programme with his Ultimate Performance personal trainer helped him make this stunning transformation in just 15 weeks.

The Fortnum & Mason director said: “I have achieved far more than expected in terms of weight loss. But also the discipline of the food plan and sticking to it were major achievements for a food lover and snack addict!”

“If you put the effort and discipline into the plan you will get results. It is hard at times, but work through it…and save money for new clothes!”


Darren explains here what made his 40lb weight loss so successful, the healthy new habits he has learned and how it has changed his mindset and his knowledge about diet and exercise for the future…

What were your expectations going into the programme and what were your motivations? 

I have entered the Ride London Cycle Sportive a 100-mile ride around the 2012 Olympic course and my motivation for joining UP came from wanting to lose some weight to make the ride a little easier! My expectation was that I would be able to lose a stone (6-7kg) and improve my body strength. I had also recently had a health check where one of the recommendations was also to lose some weight but also to improve my diet.

Can you tell me how you were feeling both physically and mentally before starting with UP? 

Physically, I felt fine before joining UP but it was clear from looking in the mirror that “middle age spread” had well and truly kicked in.

My head was telling me I should do something about it but I was lacking a goal (prior to the signing up to Ride London) and willpower.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with UP? 

I have always been reasonably active and played sport all my life – mostly rugby and cricket and took up cycling in 2016 as a low-impact option for my ailing knees. I had always considered my diet healthy(ish) with home cooked meals and very few takeaways.

But working in a job surrounded by food, the number of “extras” that I was eating during the day was obviously having an effect on my weight.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with UP? 

My diet changed significantly on joining UP and the discipline of weighing food did take some getting used to, but the effect of the reduced portion sizes and omitting the extras had an almost immediate effect with weight loss fairly quick and steady throughout my 12-week course.

Initially, I found the gym work very challenging and my recovery seemed very slow so energy levels were a bit up and down at the start.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation? 

The biggest ‘learns’ for me came from the diet and learning about the types and quantities of food needed for a balanced weight loss diet.

The one thing that has made the biggest difference in my transformation was the knowledge that the trainer was going to be monitoring my performance daily and that if I ever had any issues then that they would’ve been dealt with.

I travel frequently for work and the trainers will even help with advising on suggesting items from restaurant menus and supply session plans for use in the hotel gym.


How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward? 

The course has changed me, obviously physically as I have lost over 18kgs but also in the way I now think about what and how much I eat. My diet has changed significantly and hopefully forever.

What’s next for you?

After initially thinking the end of my 12-week course would then lead to me joining a commercial gym and carrying on with some of the exercises to help maintain my weight (and new body shape!), I have decided to take another 12-week plan with UP as I feel I need the intensity and structure to get the best out of my gym time (and myself!).

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