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"ANOTHER Wedding dress alteration just shows what can be achieved with UP!"

“My wedding is 15 days away now and this Friday is my last training day with Simon before the big day. I’ve been training with Simon for just 7 weeks now and all I can say is that his methods work!

I had a dress fitting two weeks ago and at that point I’d been training with Simon for just under 5 weeks and my seamstress did alternations to take in my dress.  She knew I was training so pulled it in VERY tight expecting that I would shrink a little before my final fitting.
I remember trying on the altered dress and it was snug but it fit – and I thought, good thing I’m training as I’ve got some work to do before I’m comfortable fitting into this!  Only two weeks later I went to another fitting thinking, expecting to take my dress home.
In the last two weeks I’ve lost another two inches around my waist and ribs – another two inches from a dress that I previously was struggling to breathe in!
My seamstress can’t believe my transformation – and I must say I’m impressed with what Simon has helped me to achieve in such a short space of time!
My need for another alteration just shows what can be achieved working with a team like UP.

My UP Trainer, Simon, has been amazing in particular. What I like most is that he is practical – his diet rules were strict but manageable – otherwise I could have given up and failed. When training, he’s tough and pushes me, but also listens and ensures he sets me targets that I can achieve.
He doesn’t set me up to fail by raising the bar too high – and I think it’s that approach that has kept me so motivated and led to me achieving this result.

So happy – thank you!”

Emma will be looking incredible on her big day – what’s your excuse?
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