As busy Personal Trainers we typically only accept long term clients on a minimum of 10-20 personal training session programmes. This is still how we operate for the mainstay of all our coaching and personal training plans, however we do pride ourselves on being receptive and listening to what our clients want. This is why we have created our new Personal Training Gift Package for those who want to give a special and unique present that will both educate and inspire. After all, what better than a present whose memory will last a lifetime!

Learning from and spending time with the best is always a unique and rare opportunity, something that will certainly stand out from run of the mill Christmas and birthday gifts. Our Personal Training Gift Package gives the owner the chance to work with a Senior UP Personal Trainer who has been coached and guided by our founder Nick Mitchell, one of Europe’s top Personal Trainers and strength & conditioning coaches. Amongst other things Nick is a columnist in Men’s Health magazine, and has coached clients ranging from Mr Olympia competitors and Victoria’s Secret models right through to the regular, hard working citizen “on the street”. No other personal trainer in London has a better reputation for improving body composition and getting people in shape.

Our Personal Training Gift Package involves an exercise and nutritional consultation and BioSignature Modulation analysis, and three workouts where we will personally coach the client in the gym. As well as running BioSignature and muscle fibre tests along with muscular and structural balance assessments, we will also write up specific nutrition, supplementation and gym programmes designed solely for the individual based on his interpretation of all the data captured in initial tests. As Nick himself says, effective personal training is both a science and an art and we brings to bear for our clients all our years of experience on the gym floor and in perfecting body composition.

The introductory cost for this Personal Training Gift Package is a flat fee of £550. It has already proven to be very popular with people who want to dip their toes into the sort of elite coaching that we have to offer so please contact to learn more. Nick Mitchell is personally available for this package, with price upon application.

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