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Charles Poliquin, Professional Strength Coach

“I have worked with all of the best trainers during my long career as a professional Strength Coach and Nick Mitchell

* Our Transformation Policy

Ranveer Singh, Bollywood Superstar

“I worked with Lloyd Stephens of UP for my highly publicised transformation and cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, tenacity,

* Our Transformation Policy

Zoe Duchesne, Victoria’s Secret Model

"I rely on Nick ahead of big photo shoots to always help me be in the kind of physical shape

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The Miz, WWE Superstar

"A sensational gym to visit when in London!"

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Ben Price, Coronation Street Actor

"World Class personal training guaranteed to get unparalleled results."

* Our Transformation Policy

Craig Fitzgibbon, Australian National Rugby League Team

“I was recommended I look up Nick Mitchell before arriving in the UK from Australia. His knowledge is second to