I contacted UP to bring my fitness level, mobility and strength back to a level before, I had a motor vehicle accident in Dec. 2009. Which caused me to have very limited mobility and muscle weakness.

What do you feel that you have achieved:

Increase in mobility, muscle strength, technique in exercise and nutritional awareness.

What have you learned:

I learned valuable techniques from my personal trainer – for my work-outs.  Overall fitness health, an awareness of supplementing good health through diet, herbs and vitamins.

What’s next for you:

I would like to repeat another programme with UP, also to continue on my own to keep up the exercises and diet programme I learned.  Dave is very committed to ensuring long-term success of his clients, as he gave me the tools and knowledge to keep up my fitness levels.
I found my trainer to be a very attentive and knowledge personal trainer.  He had a lot of patience with me, as well as pushed me to advance in my fitness level.  He has a great attention to detail and commitment to his clients. He carefully customizes a programme and plan for his clients needs, and carefully follows through with that in each session.  Dave is very enthusiastic, motivational and a pleasure to work with over the course of my 10 week programme.

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