So many ‘body transformations’ you see out there don’t last.

After the hard dieting is over and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are done, people can rebound hard and pile weight back on

But with Ultimate Performance it’s different. It’s never about making a quick buck or getting people lean at all costs like many PTs, it’s about providing clients with the most incredible results while giving them knowledge about training and nutrition that lasts a lifetime.

Never is that more apparent than with incredible UP client Victoria Ferris.

The tax advisor and mother wanted to get rid of her ‘mummy tummy’ after having a baby, so she came to UP in London.

Her 12-week transformation with trainer Sean Murphy was truly awe-inspiring – the results speak for themselves.

But her story didn’t end there. Despite having never lifted weights before, her new-found fitness, strength and physique have motivated her to progress and develop even further in the gym.

Months after her transformation and she is in her best shape ever – leaner, stronger, fitter and more confident.

Victoria explains how her UP experience has changed her life and what she is doing with her training now to stay in amazing condition…

victoria ferris 12 week transformation

Why did you come to UP for a 12-week transformation in the first place?

I had a baby and didn’t recognise my body afterwards. I guess all I knew at the time was that I wanted to lose my baby tummy. Little did I know where I would end up!

How did it compare to any training you’d done before?

I hadn’t really done any training previously. Certainly nothing structured. I joined gyms from time to time (mostly cardio machines and classes) but spent most of my twenties working and studying without any focus on fitness, so I usually just cancelled my memberships after months of not using them.


What was the whole 12-week experience like?

Very well structured and therefore surprisingly easy. I feel as if I was just led through it by the hand, with very little effort on my part. I was given a specific diet plan to follow which was routinely reviewed and adjusted where appropriate.

All I had to do was follow it. Even the training itself was progressive and tailored to my ability and therefore, even though it was hard, it was completely doable even for someone with zero training history.

My trainer was (and still is!) extremely professional. He understands that clients are paying for a service and he really tries (very successfully in my opinion) to deliver that service to the best of his ability.

And it was also incredibly fun! UP is a very welcoming environment. I love it and all of the trainers. I felt really at home as soon as I walked in (which is probably why I’ve never left!).


What were the results you got during the 12-week programme?

I got amazing results over 12 weeks. I lost 10 kg, 10% body fat, and 15 cm from my waist. I definitely got rid of my mummy tummy (and a lot more besides) and also became much stronger and fitter. When I started I don’t think I had any idea how good my results would be. I was (and still am) genuinely thrilled.

Ultimate Performance - Victoria Ferris After her After!
Now Victoria struggles to fit into dresses for the RIGHT reasons

How did it change your lifestyle, your training and your diet?

It changed it fundamentally. I haven’t actually stopped. I’ve been following Sean’s programmes consistently for a year and a half. Training and eating properly are just part of my life now. I love cooking anyway, so I’m happy to prep meals and plan around eating out.

I track my weight and macros on a weekly basis and record all of my workouts. I don’t drink often and when I do it’s in moderation, so I realised (with smugness) that I haven’t had a hangover since 2013!

Saying that, I do realise that balance is important (I’m naturally an ‘all or nothing’ type personality, so I really do have to work on balance), so I do socialise and I don’t actually restrict anything from my diet these days. I just don’t eat treats all of the time. Beliefs aside, you only get one life and I want to enjoy the full spectrum of all that mine has to offer.

UP_Victoria Ferris_006

What are the key things you learned from the 12 weeks at UP and the most useful knowledge you developed?

“Shoulders back and down” ha ha. Seriously though, the single most important thing in terms of training anyway. I’m very lucky to have been taught how to train with correct form in order to keep myself pain- and injury-free and to efficiently work the muscles I want to target.

“There are hidden calories in EVERYTHING” has also been pretty useful. Tracking my food really does make me focus on what (and how much) I’m eating.

It would be all too easy to lie to myself, advertently or inadvertently, as I love food and eating is most definitely one of my favourite things to do!

Other very useful stuff has been how to go about structuring a training programme for myself, how to work out how many calories I need and how to break that down to an appropriate macro split.

Whilst I still follow Sean’s programmes, he has also taught me all of this (and where to read up for more information) in order that I could do it myself if I had to (and if not to his standards, then at least to a reasonable one!).

A bit less day-to-day, but another quite crucial lesson was the importance of a properly structured ‘reverse diet’.

Being upfront about it, I dieted hard during my 12-week programme (and then again for a photoshoot at the end of last year). Sean built my calories up slowly after that so that there was no rebound and I’ve managed to stay reasonably lean over the past year (I’m probably as lean at present as I’ve ever been), even though I’ve been eating slightly over maintenance calories for most of the year in order to try to build muscle.

There’s actually so much that I’ve learnt, that I could go on like this for a long time!

UP_Victoria Ferris_010

How has this influenced the way you train now?

I make time to train. I have a consistent training schedule and a proper plan to follow. I don’t move my training sessions unless I absolutely have to and then I only move them, I don’t skip them because I’m too busy.

I’ve also learnt (okay, I am still technically learning this and cannot claim to be perfect) how to focus on contracting my muscles properly, rather than just lifting heavier weights, or trying to make reps. This is definitely an ego thing and I’m learning that failure is actually a good thing when it comes to the gym!

I check facilities in advance when I travel too to ensure that I don’t miss a workout, unless I deliberately want a rest.

I’m also much more confident in the gym – like asking people to share equipment, for example, as I have an objective when I go in that I’m determined to complete. I find that being a woman in the free weights area is still just about enough of a novelty to afford me some chivalry (and the equipment that I need) ha ha!


What is your training like now and what are your goals?

I weight train four times per week. Twice with Sean at UP and twice by myself. I train lower body and upper body twice each. I don’t incorporate structured cardio but do run the odd 10K or half-marathon as a social thing and take a few yoga and other classes for enjoyment. I’m particularly loving Buti yoga at the moment, it’s a nice counterbalance to the resistance training.

In terms of goals, I have a particular body shape in mind that I am aiming for (Anna Virmajoki, Finnish IFBB Pro, is ‘body-goals’ for me).

However, I realise that it will take years rather than months to attain a shape like that (and it won’t be the same as her but rather the best version of me). Therefore, I am trying to maintain a relatively lean body that I am happy with all of the time whilst I just keep working and enjoy the process.

I have given some consideration as to whether I might enter a bikini competition in 2017 if I were good enough. However, what I’m realising is that it is the process: the discipline and structure, that appeals to me, rather than the competition element and so I will concentrate on that for now as an end in itself and see what happens.

UP_Victoria Ferris_005

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a 12-week plan with UP?

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. However, if you’re going to do it and you want to get the best results, you must commit to it 100%. If you do that, prioritise your training and nutrition, don’t think you know better than your trainer and don’t make excuses to, or for, yourself, the results are basically textbook.

It is the best investment I have ever made and has given me the perfect pastime going forward. I love the training and nutrition and all of the associated learning. I only wish I had found weight training 10 years ago as it, and the associated lifestyle, is a perfect fit for my personality and makes me genuinely happy.

If you want real and lasting results like Victoria’s, get in touch with us to find out about our UP Personal Training plans.

If Victoria’s story has inspired you to transform your physique, your health and your lifestyle for 2017, get in touch about one of our UP Personal Training plans.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.

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Age is just a number.

If you want to get in best the shape of your life at whatever age, you can really make it happen.

Ultimate Performance client Paul is proof of that.

The 49-year-old might be a grandfather who is busy running a successful business, but he was determined to take his fitness and physique to the next level.

Paul was already in good shape before he signed up with UP – with a healthy diet and a solid knowledge of training behind him.

But the expert guidance of UP’s Mark Bohannon helped him achieve results that he never thought were possible.

With his 50th birthday on the horizon, Paul packed on considerable lean muscle and shredded down to an incredible 4% body fat.

His unbelievable physique is a testament to his hard-work, commitment and consistency during his time training at UP.


It took him just four weeks from starting with UP to shred down to 4% body fat and start putting muscle on.

But since that incredibly quick ‘transformation’ Paul has become a regular client at UP Manchester which has kept his physique improving and the muscle tissue growing.

It has taken him just nine months to put on 6kg of lean muscle – and you can see his progression in the photoshoot images below.

Paul explains that it was a simple choice to sign up for a personal training plan after following UP founder Nick Mitchell’s writing for a number of years.

“I have wanted to use UP for a few years, but the nearest one was London,” he said.

“When I heard they were opening one in Manchester I signed up straight away.”


While he was quite experienced in the gym, there is always so much more you can learn about training, nutrition and your own body.

UP is world-renowned for being able to help clients unlock their potential and deliver the maximum results in the minimum time.

That’s exactly what happened with Paul from the moment he set foot in the UP Manchester gym.

“I always thought I really pushed myself in my own gym, but UP took me to the next level.

“I leave the gym quivering like a leaf inside. He (my trainer) leaves nothing on the gym floor.”

One thing that Paul really benefitted from was having the professional eye of a leading personal trainer coaching him through every move, perfecting his form and helping him maximise his performance on every single rep.

“The main thing I like about UP is learning correct form on all the exercises,” he said.

“I always thought my form was really good. But all the little tips you get help you to get the most out of each exercise you do.”



Small changes add up to big results which are evident in Paul’s impressive ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots and in his recent photoshoot images.

Having read much of Nick Mitchell’s work, Paul was doing all the right things with his diet – things like eating grass-fed meats, organic nuts and coconut oils for the first meal of the day.

But just a little tweak with his carbohydrate levels by PT Mark made a big difference.

“My nutrition has always been good, but I have learned so much about my body since starting with UP.

“I now know exactly how many calories and macros I need to lose body fat and to add lean muscle onto my body.

“The programmes they write are second to none, they are worth the money alone. I have also learned to train without hurting myself so that I am not always working around little injuries.”


Senior PT Mark was impressed by 49-year-old Paul’s consistency and commitment to his transformation.

Mark says it was putting a plan in place and sticking to it to the letter which helped yield such incredible results.

“He had followed Nick and people like Charles Poliquin – so he’s done a lot of his own reading. But he’d never been able to put it all together into a plan.

“He had done loads of reading and tried a little bit of everything every week.

“He had never really stuck to anything for any period of time – that has been the biggest difference.”

Training with UP has given Paul an incredible physique – but it has also given him knowledge that will last a lifetime.

With a move to Spain on the horizon, Paul is already planning on training at UP Marbella to ensure he keeps learning and progressing.

“I am moving to Spain next year and I am going to travel to their gym there at least once a month to make sure my form is always good so I can maximise muscle growth and keep myself injury free.

“I will be able to check on my body fat so I know exactly how I stand each month so that I can make adjustments with my nutrition.”

Has Paul’s incredible transformation inspired you to do a start a body transformation programme of your own? Get in touch to find out about starting your UP Personal Training plan.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.

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The word ‘life-changing’ is thrown around a lot these days.

But for LinkedIn manager Adam Bowden his 16-week transformation really did change his life in ways he never thought possible.

It’s easy to dismiss the transformational power of eating better, training harder and being able to set clear fitness goals and then achieve them.

But 34-year-old Adam experienced it first hand after signing up for a personal training plan with Ultimate Performance.

When he walked through the doors of UP Singapore he was in a spiral of gaining weight and making excuses – and he says it was a source of unhappiness for him.

He was weak, inflamed and could barely lift himself an inch off the ground when doing a pull-up.

But it’s not where you start that matters – it’s where you end up, and his determination to change, along with the expert guidance of UP trainer Russell Lee, brought truly incredible results.



Just 16 weeks after that first session and Adam cut his body fat down by 20%, lost 24kg in weight and developed his strength.

His new physique is impressive but Adam is equally thrilled with his new-found productivity at work and positivity in life.

“When I saw the advert online for Ultimate Performance I saw yet another promise to help me change my body which again seemed completely unrealistic,” he said.

“I had spent the previous two years seeing my body getting bigger, becoming unhealthier and finding more and more ‘excuses’ as to why things didn’t work for me.

“I can’t say the reason why but there was something that made me go and check Ultimate Performance out and wow I am so glad I did.”


Adam’s story is quite typical of every busy and successful career professional.

Frequent flying, business meetings and a demanding job meant fitness and nutrition were relegated down the list of priorities.

His health and body composition had suffered because of it.

But this was something that changed immediately when he joined UP and he says it made a huge impact on his life.

“The gym is fantastic, all the staff are so helpful and informed about your account and they obviously invest a lot into developing their trainers.

“Saying all of that my transformation has truly come down to one guy…my trainer Russell Lee.

“I expected him to be able to transform my body, but through his coaching, support, encouragement and teaching I have completely changed the way I feel, my mindset, my outlook on life and removed the only unhappiness I suffered from at that point.

“I find myself now working more efficiently in a professional capacity and all-round a more positive person among friends and family.”


UP don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ fitness – every plan we create is individualised to fit a person’s lifestyle, goals and needs.

Adam was no different. Russell created a nutrition plan for him that fit his busy lifestyle and factored in his regular business trips, while helping him shed body fat fast.

What really helped was that he didn’t have to think about what he was eating – Russell created him a whole menu to follow exactly. So there was no need to count anything.

It was an approach that paid off incredibly well for Adam.

“Coming back to the physical transformation, even this has far surpassed what I thought possible.

“I didn’t truly realise how bad I was until I saw the picture from the first session and attempting that first pull up where I think I managed to lift myself up maybe 1 inch…very painful and upsetting moments.

“Using the right style of motivation and a skilled program UP were able to not only get me to stick religiously to the diet but also stay committed to the course in and out of the gym.

“Even when making those regular business trips he would help me come up with programme based on what equipment the gym at the hotel had.

“As we continued to pass milestone after milestone I found that being sensible with my food and fitness becoming a way of life instead of a task.”


As Adam started shedding body fat and getting stronger, his trainer developed his training programme and made adjustments to keep his physique and performance improving.

After just 16 weeks you can see the physical results of an effective and consistent nutrition and training plan.

What you can’t see in the pictures though is the profound effect it has had on Adam’s life outside of the gym.

“I still can’t say “I love going to the gym” but I do love the outcome. After 16 weeks I have now lost 24kg and 20% body fat, which I am extremely proud of.

“I am even prouder of the fact that I have had a much-improved work performance, positivity in life and emotional lift as a result from this, which I had never planned for.

“This has been one of very few truly life changing experiences for me. I am very grateful to both Ultimate Performance and Russell.”


If you’re still not convinced by Adam’s incredible results, we’d love to show you first hand what we can achieve together on one of our UP Personal Training plans.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.

If you enjoyed reading this article, why not read about PR Agency boss Dave Gee’s astonishing 13-week transformation. 

When we say we really can train anyone, we mean it.

All of our personal training packages are tailored specifically for your individual goals – they will always be your goals but we will be there to help you achieve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
It could be that you’re looking to lose body fat, or you want to build muscle…whatever it is (within reason), we’ll help you achieve the maximum results in the minimum time.
For Jonathan, his younger days of being coached to be a successful, national level swimmer meant that ‘going it alone’ didn’t quite have the same effect.
There are many of our clients who come to UP in the hope of getting back a fitness level they once had and actually end up being fitter than they’ve ever been before – it’s safe to say Jonathan has done incredibly well.

What would have prevented you from joining UP?


I have trained on and off for years and was a national level swimmer in my youth but any success I had in the past was under the guidance of a coach.

Ultimate Performance - Jonathan's UP Transformation

“UP was the first company I found which gave me the confidence, before even signing up, that I would be successful in achieving my body fat reduction goals.”

Every aspect of UP’s presence shows a quantifiable ability to produce results.

What did you find as a result of training with UP?

There are elements of the training that have been both eye-opening and life-changing.

I feel that the training principles used are a nice balance of the ‘tried and testing’, paired with top level equipment and minimal gloating.


“Be consistent, work hard, lift heavy and get results.”

The workout plan can be moulded to one’s individual needs, which in my case was combining the UP training with CrossFit classes, whilst making sure I felt rested and achieved visible results.

What did you like most about your journey with UP?

The consistency element – I have finally managed to fit the training aspect, the food preparation and the general progression all around my work life.

“I couldn’t have done this without the work put in by my trainer, from the offset there has been a clear pathway for me to achieve my goals.”


I wake up earlier, I train hard before work and go into the office rejuvenated and ready to go, the success in the gym has had a direct and positive effect on my ability to perform in the workplace.

My mood has improved across the entire day and I am less stressed. I no longer crave anywhere near as much junk food as before I started and I get to buy a new wardrobe, to replace all of the now-oversized clothes!

Would you recommend UP?

100%. Not only have I seen personal results but I have witnessed other members achieve incredible transformations, some in even less time than myself!

I truly believe UP can deliver results for any person who is serious about making a change. I don’t have to believe any marketing as I have both seen and experienced it myself.

Has Jonathan’s story motivated you to get in the best shape of your life?

Rediscover your old fitness and find out more about Ultimate Performance’s 12 Week Transformation Programme or you can train with us from anywhere in the world online

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Who said results can’t last?

While we live and die by the mantra ‘maximum results in minimum time’, we are also driven by giving our clients lifelong knowledge of how to build muscle, burn fat and train the correct way.

Dave Gee is a prime example of how a UP transformation can be for life, not just for 12 weeks.

The PR Agency boss shredded down to an incredible 8% body fat with UP back in April and we were all blown away with his results.

But nearly nine months after he completed his transformation, he is still in phenomenal shape.

There has been no ‘rebound’ and no piling back on the weight that comes from unsustainable methods – just real and life-changing results.

Dave explains what happened after his transformation with UP…

6 weeks fat loss

Why did you come to UP for a 13-week transformation in the first place?

UP was recommended to me by a friend of mine and PT. He was moving over to them in a different capacity.

I trusted the information I was given as it came from someone I’d known for years and they are in incredible shape too, which also helped in my decision. It inspired me.

The reason I signed up apart from the recommendation is that my training had massively plateaued due to a poor work-life balance, good nutrition was non-existent, and my drinking had become too much.

I didn’t realise this until I got a grip and then looked back and realised the amounts I was able to consume – Not good! Changes needed to be made as mentally I wasn’t happy.

David Gee Muscle UP

How did it compare to any training you’d done before?

I’ve been lucky enough to have trained with good PTs and knowledgeable friends in the past covering all types of training. But the main difference for me was the controlled, documented and focused training style.

Every rep has an impact on the right muscle group; everything was thought about and every session planned with aims and goals to achieve…something I was unable to motivate myself to do on my own!

What was your whole 13-week experience like?

It wasn’t easy, but nothing in life which is good is ever easy. I had tried to out-train a bad diet for years, and it wasn’t working. Literally, three weeks in with UP and I was feeling great, leaner, mobility was much better, inflammation reduced and fewer aches and pains.

The training was great for me as I went back to basics and found my depth again in squats, got my posture back and managed to get a few personal best’s along the way.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster, to be honest. Emotionally and mentally I struggled a few times, but every time I hit these pressure points, I’d receive an email or message from my trainer Mark B who then spurred me on or talked me through why I felt tired or a bit flat.

This was a great ‘extra’ for me as I never moaned, he just knew and listened and was able to give me a few insights to why I felt like I did, then I could understand, get a grip and keep on trucking!

Another important note to mention was that my productivity increased at work. i’llI run an award-winning Creative & PR agency with my wife in Manchester city centre and it comes with long hours, quite a bit of pressure and very little downtime.

I had fallen flat for quite a while (creative block if you will) so for me to find my work and training mojo again was so important. It gave me focus and my determination came back to succeed.


What were the results from the 13-week programme and have you been able to maintain these results?

My results were great and I feel like I’ve changed permanently I’ll never allow myself to get out of shape again with the knowledge I’ve gained. I went from 25% body fat to 8.9% on the day of the shoot.

My weight (dropped) from 94kg to 79kg – something I wasn’t really bothered about, to be honest, weight has never been an issue, the way I feel and look under my clothes are more important to me.

Actually thinking back, I never set out to do a ‘transformation’. I remember a few times we had a laugh about my up-and-coming photoshoot ( I thought they were just winding me up) – I never really believed we’d be doing one until about 3 weeks out, then I realised they were serious about taking my picture, and I had to train topless!

Ultimate Performance - Where are they now?

I’ve increased in weight since the shoot (something I wanted to do), but I have stayed relatively lean (around 12% body fat).

I’ve also relaxed my diet and I have many more social events, awards evenings, weekends away and now with the run-up to Christmas we’re out every weekend – but not going mad like we used to.

How did it change your lifestyle, your training and your diet?

My lifestyle did change dramatically, something I’m thankful for, though.

I didn’t realise what I was consuming (food and drink) and because I was training six days a week, I was using it as an excuse to have an extra scoop of protein, or I’d be fine to have a curry twice a week because I’d done a CrossFit workout that evening.

The worst was rewarding myself with beers (because, you guessed it, I did a heavy leg session that day) so 8 or 9 pints of lager and a pizza will be fine.

So that all changed instantly, and instantly my mental health changed for the better too. I had more clarity, less anxiety and those horrible panic attacks started to ease. It’s simple really – if you put crap in its going to make you feel like crap.

My training is still progressing, lifting heavier and still learning about my body. I’m close to 40 now and starting to ache and find pains more common, but I can honestly say since changing the way I trained with UP has helped massively. Lower back pain has near enough gone (despite now squatting 160kg and deadlifting 200kg).


What are the key things you learned from the 13 weeks at UP and the most useful knowledge you developed?

It sounds a bit cliche, but I’m going to say it anyway, UP has changed my life for the better. Making myself accountable, having more control with food and drink, training smarter, lifting less (sometimes) and controlled, listening to my body and knowing the impact of what my usual heavy weekend would do on my body.

It’s made me more mindful of everything I do. Plus at the same time found more personal confidence with my body.

I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of holidaying this year too, which I’ve been in control (with food and drink) despite spending six weeks out of the country. I put this down to the knowledge I’ve gained enabling me to make better decisions but still have a great time.


How has this influenced the way you train now?

I used to absolutely flog myself in every session before I trained with the guys at UP. Every session was a killer, and I dreaded them. Sometimes its would be weights in the morning and a CrossFit session of an evening and I would be flat on my back exhausted.

Come the weekend I’d have a massive blow-out as I thought I had been training so hard. In fact, I was, but not training smart.

My training now is planned and a bit slower, I leave the gym energised, but after always succeeding. Even my ‘off days’ now are about 20% better/heavier than my old ‘smash it’ days.

I like the controlled way of working; it might be slower but I know and I can feel it is impacting the muscle groups it should, making every rep count.

I also train at other gyms and I cringe watching people trying to throw really big weights around and potentially hurting themselves. Sometimes less is more.


What is your training like now and what are your goals?

My training has massively cut down since April this year, after my shoot, I wanted to gain a bit of size and aim for heavier lifts. I still train twice a week with Mark B at UP and sometimes their Saturday Strongman sessions they put on for free people, get involved! I’m also a member of another gym where I try and get in 3/4 times extra. But I don’t beat myself up if I don’t make a session these days like I used to do.

But I don’t beat myself up if I don’t make a session these days like I used to do.

My goals are simple, bigger, better, faster and stronger. I have a few numbers in my head I’d like to be able to hit and after Christmas, I might even think about doing another transformation!


What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a 12-week plan with UP?

Simple, if you want it enough, then you’ll do it.

I really wanted it, so my wife and myself made the decision to invest in the 12-week plan (we saved so much by not eating out and drinking every weekend that it made it manageable and affordable for us).

I’ve also said before in previous interviews and to all the people who get in touch on social media that it’s not easy in the slightest. There are tough days, sometimes weeks, but the results and for me, the mental impact, has outweighed any reservation about cost and investment in precious time.

You’re not on your own either, the trainers have all gone through transformations, so they know first hand how the body works above and beyond them being highly qualified and experienced PTs. You’re in safe hands with people who know the ups and downs.

One other thing I would say about UP, which impressed me and I’m happy to be a part of, is they have managed to create a great gym floor culture.

Everyone is respectful, everyone is happy, everyone speaks to one another, and I know many friendships and even business contacts have been made during their sessions! Plus most of all, its fun.

I’ve not had a session where we haven’t had a good laugh while training – I used to train because I had to, now I train because I enjoy it.

Simple, if you want results, then my advice would be to going in for a consultation.

If you’re ready to take on your own 12-week body transformation, with real results that can last the test of time, then contact us right away about one of our UP Personal Training plans.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.


If you’re ready to transform your body then nothing will stand in your way.

Everyone who comes to Ultimate Performance has their own struggles to overcome as they work to revolutionise their fitness, health and physique.

But one thing that all UP clients have in common is their unrelenting determination to smash their goals.

Saad Attieh is one of them. The computer software developer has been fully blind from the age of two, which makes aspects of training more challenging.

But where there is a will, there’s a way. As Saad’s UP trainer James Wallace put it…

“Just because you can’t see, it doesn’t mean you can’t lift.”

The St Andrew’s University PHD student had done some personal training and gym work before he walked through the doors at UP Marbella.

But working with James in London, who has experience training impaired lifters, has taken his physique and his performance to a whole new level.


He came to UP with a goal of losing weight and shedding body fat – which he did, getting down to a lean 11%.

But once he’d achieved this he was hell-bent on increasing his strength numbers on the big lifts.

Saad, who had both eyes removed as a child to treat a rare form of cancer called retinal blastoma, explained: “When I was around 16 or 17 I got chubby so I decided six months before uni that I had to lose it.

“I went through a range of routines and trainers and slowly got me into gymming and continued in the first year.

“Second year I started to care about what I ate, got stronger and leaner and then came across UP with my brother, I then got obsessed.”

Coming to UP was the catalyst that propelled Saad on a path to becoming his leanest, strongest self.

The main thing that the Saudi Arabian-born Saad notes is that UP helped him focus on a clear goal and gave him to tools to achieve it.

“(I was) 96kg before going to the gym, now I’m 83kg but my body fat is 13% so I’m relatively lean. My goal now is more about getting stronger and lifting more and pushing up the numbers.

“Two to three weeks in Marbella plus a few weeks in London went down to around 11 or 12%. I was amazed, when I asked to get stronger they changed my plan and realised just how much they can adapt to your goals and they just followed it without question. Wanna get strong? Let’s get strong.”

His strength numbers are going up all the time under the careful tutelage of James and UP. He is now squatting 140kg and he’s even surprised himself with a 190kg rack pull, as he says his hips are ‘really inflexible’.

He is even repping out 100kg on the bench press.

Saad says the reason is simple – UP have got him training harder and with more focus than he’s ever done before.

“They have taught me how to push for goals. I was always surprised when I’d squat 100 and then 140, when I met James my goal was weight loss so I guess realising there is a good way to train.

“I’d always think I was training hard but then I’d go to UP and realise I wasn’t. Their expertise and knowledge has taught me a lot. They are really good at pushing you.”

Being blind from a young age didn’t bother him, but there were certain ways that it affected his ability to train like a fully-sighted client.

“Normally it’s a lot easier to look in the mirror and check your form, but with the guys they can show me how I can be more responsive and aware of what I’m doing.

“I’m still going through the process of how the bar is and trusting the trainer is hard. The trainer being there to tell me really helps, sometimes you get it straight away and sometimes you spend a whole session correcting.”

But it certainly hasn’t held back his efforts to get leaner and stronger – and many of the trainers have noticed his impressive gains in strength.

One of the heads that he’s turned with his feats under the bar is UP owner Nick Mitchell.

It’s something Saad feels incredibly proud about and has only fuelled his motivation to improve.

“I feel honoured, to me Nick is the owner of UP and Nick is someone who I follow and only meeting him a couple of times and saying ‘hey, well done’.

“I’ll go back to my room and tell my brothers, I hate to admit it but it’s cool. As long as I’m seen to be working out

“One of the main things I’ve noticed is my squatting form. When I go to another gym, I’ve had other trainers trying to correct my form but now they tell me my form is good and I like that.”

But perhaps the most impressive plaudits about what Saad has achieved through his time with UP is from his trainer James, who has seen him develop exponentially since coming through the doors.

He said: “Working with Saad Attieh epitomizes this sense of achievement, indomitable spirit and smashing through limitations with a hammer as powerful as Thor himself.

“Saad began training at UP with a rudimentary understanding of lifting and has since transformed into a UP powerhouse; training, bodybuilding and powerlifting his way to a big squat and bench for reps and has pulled more than twice his body weight off the floor in a sumo deadlift.

“Saad epitomizes the spirit of what UP is all about and the reason why we enjoy the success we do.

“There’s no hurdle we can’t overcome without a little educated and a veritable bucket load of ‘I’m gonna train harder and lift more than anyone because I want it more than you’.

“The last two years have been an absolute pleasure Saad, here’s to the next two, the next five and the next ten. Always bring the thunder dude.”

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